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Sneak Peek: Early Shredding in Aspen.

A. Party is back in Aspen for his 13th season as a ski bum and the 10th season of AspenSpin. Party is sporting a sick new kit. The FRX Pro from KJUS. "That color works for you" Per a random MILF on Opening Day.Hellz yeah!!!  It's good to be back in Aspen.   We are so fired up for our 13th ski season in Fat City and the 10th SEASON for ASPENSPIN.   It's been a wild ride...from a virtual unknown to the #1 Winter Sports Blog in the World (according to Cision P.R.) and back down again on the slippery slope of the interwebs.  It's been fun, entertaining and exciting.

After 1150 ski days, and over 3 million unique visits AspenSpin is still at it. We are back documenting the over-the-top ski and party lifestyle in Aspen, Colorado. As usual...A. Party is prepared to crush it.

Even a jaded local like me loves a groovy and unexpected surprise from the Aspen Ski Company (ASC). Aspen has been getting dumped on (with snow) lately.  ASC  wisely decided a little sneak peek was in order. The lifts started spinning early (Nov 14 and 15) for a fabulous early season bonus weekend of skiing and riding on Aspen Mountain.  Basically...it was locals only. We schralped 125 acres of open and ski-able terrain.  The top of the mountain was groomed to perfection and two gorgeous and warm Colorado bluebird days were there for the taking.  We grabbed 'em.

Now it's dumping again.   So fire up the brand new G-650  (check that, the wingspan is too wide for ASE), fire up the old-school G-5 and get here now.  If you are one of the unlucky one's who doesn't have a 10,000 sq ft second or third abode, a siiiiiiiick timeshare...or a $25 million penthouse...and you need affordable lodging...I'm told there are several affordable lodging options with plenty of early season vacancies.  I might even be able to get a you a deal on lift tix. 

Book early and often. Trust me...I'm a ski bum...I know what I'm talking about.

Opening Day on Aspen Mountain for Ski Season 2015/16. 11/14/15

The View of Aspen Highlands and Highland Bowl from the top of Aspen Mountain 11/14/15


BONUS!! Aspen Mountain to Open Early

As we predicted Aspen Skiing Company (ASC) has officially announced that Aspen Mountain will be open for skiing and riding 5 days early.  In the press release David Perry COO of ASC remarked "We are a ski town, we have the snow and we are pleased to start spinning the lifts."    The new opening day for Aspen Mountain is;


Photo: Courtesy of Aspen Skiing Company


Aspen Vert. Laboratory

Ski season 2013/14 got off to a tasty and early start on Aspen Mountain today.  Ajax was originally slated to open on Thanksgiving, but thanks to Mother Nature we all got to go out and get some almost 2 weeks early.   It's the best early season snow we've had in Aspen in recent memory.  Today was a full 10 fold improvement over opening day last year.  

Click 4 pix:  Aspen Vert. Laboratory

4 inches of sweet,sweet, POW greeted us this morning. The Stoke was high at the Gondola, as the line started forming at about 7.30 a.m. The crowd built into a pack of howling Aspen Powder Hounds. The lifts began spinning early at about 8.45.  Kudo's must be given to the Aspen Skiing Company and the mountain operations staff for getting Aspen Mountain ready for action...and then actually opening it 12 days before the scheduled opening.

AspenSpin is going on record:  "it was the best 4" day of all time".   And guess what?  It's dumping like a MO-FO right now.  So despite some tight hammy's and worked quads...we'll all be back out there tomorrow. Ripping top to bottom laps, getting the ski legs back, flossing the new gear.  3,267 vertical feet......



Corduroy Empire

Wut Up? Skiing is on in Aspen. Click 4 pix.Happy Thanksgiving.  Yaaaaay, the ski season is under way in Aspen.  As always,  the lifts in Aspen started spinning on Thanksgiving Day.  There are plenty of things to be thankful for in Aspen, but awesome ski conditions is not one of them.   Aspen Mountain & Snowmass had very limited terrain open for skiing and riding.  Kudos go out to the snow-makers and groomers who got one run open on Aspen Mountain.  It was an "old school" opening day requiring a ride on the little used Little Nell & Bell Mountain lifts to get to the ski able terrain.   Spar Gulch to Little Nell were the only runs open on Ajax. 

Luckily Aspen Spin got out there early, before the crowds and got some super-tasty man-made corduroy.  Spar to the Bar was the run of choice for many.

This weekend should be fun packed with the Women's World Cup racers in town.  Music, events and parties are on the docket...we'll try to keep up.   We're are breaking out the SNOW DANCE every night, lets hope we get dumped on soon.   In the meantime... 


First Tracks on the Corduroy Empire. Aspen Mountain Opening Day. Click 4 Pix.The Bell Mountain Chair lift doesn't get much use anymore, but it was spinning for opening day in Aspen. Click 4 pix.








 When home town hero Chris Davenport talks about going BIG. He means it. In-Store at Aspen Sports. Click 4 pix.




The Coach. Bob Beattie and Mountain Man Mike Marolt at Aspen Business Luncheon. Click 4 pix.



Del Mar @ 75 / Opening Day 2012

Del Mar @ 75. Opening Day 2012. Click 4 pix.On July 3, 1937 Del Mar Racetrack officially opened for racing.  Del Mar was the brainchild of Hollywood stars Pat O'Brien and Bing Crosby and it served as an escape from the Hollywood scene. Movie Stars like Jimmy Durante, W.C. Fields, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Bob Hope Mickey Rooney and many more would frequent Del Mar... where the turf meets the surf. 

See the Photos:  Del Mar @ 75

Opening Day at Del Mar is still considered by many to be the most important social event in San Diego County.  Maybe it is...but its's certainly a humongous party.  These days fewer entertainment icons brave the traffic jam on I-5 to get to opening day...but 47,339 (a new record) other people did.

Horse racing is known as  "the sport of kings" but on opening day in Del Mar...the hats are the thing.  Almost everyone wears a hat, and the ultimate hat contest is a highly competitive affair.  The hats along with a massive party and countless pre-parties and post-race events make opening day at Del Mar an incredible scene.  If Pat and Bing could see the 100's of party buses lining up to enter Del Mar Racetrack they would be proud. 

Aspen Spin snapped a few sick pix.  Click: DEL MAR @ 75

Winner, Winner ...chcken dinner. Click 4 photos.The hat Ladies. See more pix. click here.The horses are incredibly beautiful animals. Click 4 pix.Everybody had fun at Del Mar opening day. Click 4 pix.