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Sneak Peek: Early Shredding in Aspen.

A. Party is back in Aspen for his 13th season as a ski bum and the 10th season of AspenSpin. Party is sporting a sick new kit. The FRX Pro from KJUS. "That color works for you" Per a random MILF on Opening Day.Hellz yeah!!!  It's good to be back in Aspen.   We are so fired up for our 13th ski season in Fat City and the 10th SEASON for ASPENSPIN.   It's been a wild ride...from a virtual unknown to the #1 Winter Sports Blog in the World (according to Cision P.R.) and back down again on the slippery slope of the interwebs.  It's been fun, entertaining and exciting.

After 1150 ski days, and over 3 million unique visits AspenSpin is still at it. We are back documenting the over-the-top ski and party lifestyle in Aspen, Colorado. As usual...A. Party is prepared to crush it.

Even a jaded local like me loves a groovy and unexpected surprise from the Aspen Ski Company (ASC). Aspen has been getting dumped on (with snow) lately.  ASC  wisely decided a little sneak peek was in order. The lifts started spinning early (Nov 14 and 15) for a fabulous early season bonus weekend of skiing and riding on Aspen Mountain.  Basically...it was locals only. We schralped 125 acres of open and ski-able terrain.  The top of the mountain was groomed to perfection and two gorgeous and warm Colorado bluebird days were there for the taking.  We grabbed 'em.

Now it's dumping again.   So fire up the brand new G-650  (check that, the wingspan is too wide for ASE), fire up the old-school G-5 and get here now.  If you are one of the unlucky one's who doesn't have a 10,000 sq ft second or third abode, a siiiiiiiick timeshare...or a $25 million penthouse...and you need affordable lodging...I'm told there are several affordable lodging options with plenty of early season vacancies.  I might even be able to get a you a deal on lift tix. 

Book early and often. Trust me...I'm a ski bum...I know what I'm talking about.

Opening Day on Aspen Mountain for Ski Season 2015/16. 11/14/15

The View of Aspen Highlands and Highland Bowl from the top of Aspen Mountain 11/14/15

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