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AspenSpin is still Skiing. 

It's been a rough Winter so far.  Andy Party and Wagner are spending the 2017/18 ski season on hiatus in Sandy, Utah.  We're skiing at Alta and Snowbird. To date it's been the lightest snowpack in the Wasatch Mountains in 40 years.  We haven't been blogging much either....but all is well.  AspenSpin had an amazing run and some awesome times in Aspen.  We've garnered more than 4,000,000 unique visits since inception in 2006...feel free to click our pix.   I guess A. Party needs a vacation from his vacation.

We hope your 2018 is happy, healthy, prosperous, adventurous, exciting and fun.

We still post some sick pix on FaceBook and twitter.  Please follow us there.


Late season POW POW is plentiful in Aspen.

A.Party.. "do I look happy?" This year in Aspen, March came in like a lamb and is going out like a lion.   After more than 4 weeks of beautiful, clear, sunny, warm weather we finally started getting some POW POW action again.

Some people religiously check their i-phones for the weather...here at AspenSpin...we look out the window.

Sometimes we also check ASPENWEATHER.net   Ryan and Cory have been quite accurate this season. Helping us plan our POW days. Its been a fantastic late season snow surge in Aspen.  According to A. Party..." I took my bicycle out of storage...the next day it snowed 15 inches".  Typical.  Thats OK our townie bike (not a fixie) can wait.  

Lately, we've had some cold, windy, wintry weather and we love it. Single digit temps and "bigger than a foot" storms are welcomed here.   The skiing has been stellar.  If you're upscale enough...you still have time to enjoy it. Come join us in Aspen. Check the pix.



Wiley Maple wins Nor Am Downhill in Aspen.

Aspen local, AVSC Alum and current member of the U.S. Ski Team won the Nor Am Downhill on Ajax for the second year in a row.  Wiley is well known in Aspen as the fastest skier on Aspen Mountain.  He proved it again topping the podium in his home town...just like last year.  

Wiley had a good year on the World Cup circuit.  You can help him compete.

Click: WILEY


A. Party nabs the cover of The Aspen Times.


Wanna BUY 5 COPIES for my MOTHER


on the COVER of The ASPEN TIMES.

Winter in Aspen is da bomb. Obviously.

In what might be considered a minor miracle...Andy Party's smiling face was plastered on the cover of the Aspen Times.  The venerable old Aspen Times, founded in 1881. The AT, one of the two top print rags in FAT CITY.  Not some page 5 police blotter bull sh*t or false allegations in a tenant / landlord dispute.  This is a full fledged feature.  AT's ongoing series of Mountain Characters has a variety of scribes but Managing Editor Rick Carroll selected A.P. as his subject.

Yes I do claim to have invented the selfie.  Prove me wrong.

I highly recommend you read the article;  

Click:  Andy Israel Gets Clicks.

To complete the multi-media experience listen while you read.

 Dr. John / Cover of the Rolling Stone   

Digging the Pow. Photo: Jeremy Swanson



Aspen POW Porn.

Everybody knows AspenSpin loves the POW POW.  Not only does it drive traffic to our sick website...but it acts like a booking engine for the entire town of Aspen.  Excuse me, to be politically correct the oligopoly that has become Aspen / Snowmass.

Lifts are scheduled to start spinning in Aspen on Thanksgiving ( Nov 27).  My educated guess is that we will get a few early bonus days again this year.  In my mind it's a done deal...and here's why;

*  It's dumping like a MO FO as I write this...and its supposed to continue through Sunday.  We're looking for 20+ inches.   A very nice kick-start to the season.

*  Aspen Skiing Company cannot resist the positive PR opportunity offered by an early opening.

*  I saw Mike Kaplan ( CEO of ASC) at lunch today.  He was gracious as always, and although no words were spoken between us about an early opening in Aspen, the non verbal cues were obvious (to me).  Kaplan's body language clearly indicated (to me) that the odds are good for an early opening. 

Below are a few photos of our early season storm.  If I were you...I'd book your moderate priced lodge rooms ASAP.   Or...perhaps you deserve to go HUGE and rent the biggest and best place possible.   The big daddy $40 million. (almost) ski in / ski out house with the super posh bowling alley is still available.  100% of the newly developed penthouses are available.   Maybe you're still young and adventurous...if so, crash on your Bro/Brah's couch.

Feast your eyes on the Aspen POW Porn. The first 3 photos are courtesy of Jeremy Swanson / Aspen Ski Co.  and the other ones including the lovely Carmelo (above) are from AspenSpin.