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Kjus: Style for Miles.

Many of you know that Kjus ski wear has been a long time and loyal supporter of AspenSpin.  The people at Kjus make sure that A. Party is  always decked out in the finest ski wear known to man.   Kjus started with an idea from Lasse Kjus the Norwegian Olympic skier and Swiss entrepreneur Didi Serena.

To learn more Click KJUS.

The company has evolved into a premier provider of Ski, Golf and Active clothing internationally.  The first Kjus ski collection was produced in 20O1 and initially hit the U.S. in 2002.  Since then the distinctive Kjus logo has become well known in the active fashion world.  Kjus ski wear is known for its technical fabrics and stylish designs.  It's functionable and fashionable.  It's the best ski wear I've ever worn and it always provides style for miles.

Kjus Gift Guide. Click to see more.

Last January, Brooke Mackenzie of Kjus USA and I had a brief huddle at SIA.  She was running from one meeting to another at The Snow Show, but she still took the time to ask what color I was thinking for 2015/16.

There was a giant sized poster of Lasse Kjus in the FRX Pro Jacket in maroon and blue and matching pants. That one looks pretty cool I pointed at the 20 foot display.  Brooke just smiled and agreed..."that one does look pretty cool"

A. Party chillaxing in the FRX Pro.So thats what i'm wearing this year...and it's working. The Kjus web site describes the FRX Pro as follows; "the White Dragon stretch fabric sets new standards in comfort for backcountry skiing". Suffice to say its a technical piece of gear.  It's waterproof, windproof, lightweight and breathable...and the ladies seem to really like it.   Its got that shred ready/ ready for anything / free rider look and the colors apparently suit me.  

Older and younger women alike seem to be drawn to me like a magnet when i'm wearing my new Kjus kit.  It's truly unbelievable. I've skied about 1200 days in Aspen and I've never before gotten so much chit chat on the gondy from the ladies.  Young ones and old ones, rich ones and poor ones, thin ones and thinner ones. They all seem to love the way I look in the KJUS Frx Pro.  "It's sexy" one very well heeled MILF whispered in my ear as we approached the top of the mountain.FRX Pro Jacket

If I wasn't authentic, I'd be nothing.  So here it is, from the heart.

Thank you Kjus. Thank you Brooke and Chris.  Thank you Didi and Nico and Timo. You guys have always suited me up in the best ski wear...but this season seems extra special. This year...if I play my cards right...in maroon and blue...and if I shave a little more often...then maybe, just maybe I'll finally meet a girl.   I'll owe it all to Kjus. 

Huge thanks to Kjus for always making me look good.   

In Aspen you can get Kjus at Hamilton Sports, Gorsuch and Aspen Sports.  Kjus is carried by the finest retailers Internationally

Kjus is the official outfitter of the Swiss Snow Team.




Gearing up with AVSC and Gorsuch

Chaos ensues at Gorsuch for AVSC Free Ski Night. Jared stays cool.Every year in early December, kids from all over the Roaring Fork Valley fire up for their special night.   Every kid in the Valley that needs ski gear gets it courtesy of a grass roots program established by AVSC and Gorsuch...and D & E (for snowboards).   Most of these kids would not have ski gear if it weren't for the generosity of AVSC and Gorsuch.   The program originally established by "The Coach" Bob Beattie at AVSC allows about 300 kids to gear up.   It's not new gear...but it's new to them, and it's free, and it's properly fitted.   

Click 4 pix.  GEARING UP

The free ski night is one of AspenSpin's favorite events of the year.   The glowing eyes and  beaming smiles of the kids are transcendent.   The line starts forming in front of Gorsuch at 4 pm sharp.  Hundreds of pairs of boots, skis and poles are strewn about the store.   Semi-organized chaos insues for the next 3 or 4 hours as every kid is outfitted with gear for the ski season.  Jeff Gorsuch, who spear-heads the equipment giveaway siad it loud and clear... "it's all about community".   The Gorsuch staff along with several volunteers crank it up to 11 and keep the assembly line flowing.  Sizing the boots, choosing the skis and setting the bindings for 100's of thankful kids.

Next store in the Gorsuch apparel store, the AVSC staff and National Council welcomed all-time great ski racer Lasse Kjus to free ski night.  Kjus who has done and seen it all in skiing was moved by the joy and happiness on the faces of the kids...and the staff and volunteers.

Hopefully the photos capture the energy of the event.  The kids love the gear and the first class treatment dolled out by AVSC, Gorsuch abd D & E.   Personally, I think it's the best night of the year.

 Click 4 pix. GEARING UP

The whole family gets geared up at Gorsuch. Thanks to AVSC.Who needs boots....I do!!!Renie Gorsuch and Bob Beattie sharing thier love of skiing with all the kids.Reveling in the new gear and first class treatment.Almost all of the Gorsuch Family with Lasse Kjus.


1000 days of Kjus

Since becoming a full-time ski bum in 2003 AspenSpin has come a long way.  Sometime in early December I will achieve my 1000th ski day since escaping the real world.  For the past 10 years I have toiled diligently on the slopes of Aspen/Snowmass.  I've never been the most talented skier on the mountain, or the most athletic, or the most stylish but I have always chased the stoke 100%. Blogging came later. 

A.Part.y sporting Blue KJUS in 13/14As I continued to hone my skills on the slopes and on the keyboard, I set out to allign myself with products, services and brands that I truly believed in.  

KJUS ski wear has been supportive of AspenSpin almost from the start. Kjus has been a loyal and generous partner over the years.   KJUS is a Swiss company that is named after Norwegian ski racer Lasse Kjus.  Lasse Kjus is one of the most decorated skiers of all-time, winning Olympic Gold, 2 World Championships and 2 overall World Cups.  I first connected with KJUS during the early days of twitter. The first tweet was something like this;  "hey @kjus I dig your gear. but not sure I have a euro-body"   The response came back;  "thanks @aspenspin everybody looks good in Kjus."   Kjus has been outfitting Aspen Spin ever since.   

KJUS strives to produce the best ski wear in the world.  Uncompromising performance is their credo. Today Kjus stands for extraordinary design, outstanding quality and maximum performance.  The gear is highly technical, super light weight and aesthetically innovative.   Whether it's a beautiful Colorado bluebird day or the siiiickest, windiest, deepest POW day...my Kjus garb keeps me protected from the elements and looking very stylie.  Besides standing out stylistically, my Kjus gear considers all the details.  It starts with the leading edge weather proof fabrics and the fashion forward silhouettes,  but for me it's the little things that make Kjus the best and make a HUGE difference.  The freedom of movement is better than any other ski wear I've ever tried. The materials are awesome.  The pockets are functional and in the right places, the zippers are easy to use...and never get stuck or jammed, the hood easily fits over my helmet and can be adjusted with one hand.  I can feel the quality and attention to detail every time I suit up in KJUS.

Lasse Kjus and Bode Miller with their World Championship Globes. Kjus: Uncompromising performance.So as ski season 2013/14 kicks off and I approach my 1000th day as a ski bum, I give HUGE thanks to KJUS for keeping me warm, dry and looking like a billion dollars.   Didi Serena, CEO of KJUS is doing it right.  Their pro team includes 3 of the greatest ski racers of all-time; Lasse Kjus, Bode Miller and Didier Cuche.   I strive to be as loyal to them as they have been to me.   

I still don't have a euro-body....but I do look good in KJUS.  Special thanks go out to my contact at Kjus North America...Brooke Mackenzie...she's the best.   Kjus is available at the finest ski stores worldwide.   In Aspen, Kjus can be found at Gorsuch, Hamilton Sports and Aspen Sports.

Take it from me...the ski bum / blogger with almost 1000 ski days under his belt..  KJUS is the best.

Click here to learn more about KJUS ski wear, golf wear and outdoor wear.


Keep on Blogging in the FREE WORLD

AspenSpin has been publishing continuously since 2006.  That makes me an O.G. in the blogosphere. AspenSpin was the very first "powder blogger" and now all that hard work has paid off.  In 2011, AspenSpin was named the #1 winter sports blog in the world by Cision, a large international P.R. firm. We now get between 50 and 100 P.R pitches per week.  Sometimes from very unusual sources.  

We've has some great sponsor's over the years who have been very loyal to us.  KJUS, KASTLE, NEVE, GORSUCH, HESTRA and others have supported AspenSpin and we thank them.  Honestly, I don't normally like to do product reviews...unless its a product or service or brand that we actually use and truly believe in, like the ones mentioned above.  Most of the 50-to 100 p.r. pitches get deleted with the other spam.  They're impersonal and not relevant, interesting or authentic to the mountain lifestyle, Aspen or skiing.    No!!  I'm not interested in "spreading the news" about adult diapers, or broadcasting info about above ground pools or jamming with a band I've never seen...or heard...or even heard of.  It's not that easy to make someone else's agenda or their product or service seem cool.   It takes time and effort.  

So why does AspenSpin continue to document the lifestyle.  We do get to ski every day and party every night...so there's that.

Honestly, it's not for the cash (blogging is soooo lucrative).  It's not for the chicks (there are tons of them).  It's not for the accolades ( non-stop awards).  We blog for the Love, and we love to get the FREE STUFF.

Every once in a while we get an invite from an interesting, relevant, authentic source.  Something that catches our eye.  Last week it was a stampede of FREE STUFF.  Here's my take on the best of the best.

Flips Audio. headphones & amp'd speakersFLIPS AUDIO HEADPHONES:  I can't count the number of free headphone's I've received...but FLIPS AUDIO are the coolest by far.  Cooler than Skullcandy, cooler than Beats.  FLIPS Headphones are also speakers. You can just flip the ear pads around...and you have portable, amplified speakers that sound awesome. Whether you wear them on your head or not...Flips offers tremendous sound in a durable, well designed, stylish package.   Give them a try for free... Click FLIPS AUDIO.

Picture Organic Clothing. 100% Re-Cycled ski & snowboard gear.PICTURE ORGANIC CLOTHING:  Skiing and snowboarding merge together with PICTURE ORGANIC CLOTHING, one of the few outer-wear brands that totally crosses over.  RIDE, SHARE, PROTECT is the moto of this French gear manufacturer that produces its garments with an organic and environmental mission.  I received a fantastic outfit made of fully RECYCLED material.   The Welcome Jacket was a Gold Medal Winner at the 2012 IPSO show.  Picture is new to the U.S. and I can't wait to try it out on the mountain.  Click: PICTURE

GoBites. nom nom nomGOBITES:  Healthy snacks delivered.  The "snack packs" from GoBites are 100% natural and USDA certified organic.  No preservatives or additives either.  Best of all they're tasty and they get delivered to your door every month.  GoBites offers 25 varieties of healthy, portion controlled snack packs.  mmmmmm good.  Nom Nom Nom.  Order here, Click GOBITES.

Robetowl. SuperabsorbantROBETOWL:  By Cascade Designs the folks who brought you Packtowl.  Robetowl is a highly packable, ultra-soft, superabsorbant robe.  It's a robe and a towel in one.  Robetowl is a fabulous product for travelling, at home, for guests or just toss it in your gym bag.  It's machine washable and antimicrobial. A great piece of gear for anyone.  Click: ROBETOWL

Bootlegger by Camelbak

BOOTLEGGER: By  Camelbak.  Bootlegger is a low profile hydration pack designed to be worn under your ski jacket.  It's lift-friendly, lightweight (200 g) and carries 1.5 liters of hydration.  The Bootlegger is designed specifically for skiing and riding...but it can be used anytime that you want to stay hydrated.   Its a great product...perfect for hiking the Aspen Highland Bowl.  Get one, Click: BOOTLEGGER.


*AspenSpin recieved promotional considerations for this posting.


Alp-n-Rock: Luxury Personified

Click for Alp-n-RockThe first time you try on an ALP-n-ROCK polo top, henley or hoodie you know with full certainty that you are wearing a top quality garment. 

Since 2008, Alp-n-Rock has produced luxurious & stylish clothing for active men & women.  Alp-n-Rock's products are inspired by a passion for the outdoor lifestyle.  The clothing combines fashion and functionality...feels great and looks amazing.

Living in Aspen, we get to see the latest and greatest ski and summer styles that compliment our chic mountain town's world famous culture.  Aspen is often chosen as a testing ground for some of the finest international clothing brands. Alp-n-Rock is no exception  In a very short time Alp-n-Rock has made a huge impression on Aspen's active and trend-setting fashion community.  The distinctive Alp-n-Rock designs are extremely popular with Aspen's fashionstas, both locals and visitors.  Alp-n-Rock is Swiss inspired but made in the USA using the finest fabrics including supima cotton blends and super-soft micro fleece.  The tops are warm without being heavy, quick drying and extremely breathable.  The unique patches, embroideries and appliques are glamorous and lively and make a strong and classic statement.

Not a Model... but A. Party of AspenSpin loves rockin' his Alp-n-Rock in Aspen. Click to enlarge.Alp-n-Rock is available in the finest specialty stores in America and internationally as well as on-line.  In Aspen the entire Alp-n-Rock line is available exclusively at Gorsuch. Next Winter, Alp-n-Rock will be featured in Hamilton Sports and the newest high-end ski shop Miller Sports.  Alp-n-Rock has developed a large and loyal cliental in the ski world, the equestrian community and among world class sailors, tennis players & golfers. If you try on one of their flawless tops and you'll feel the premium quality, posh comfort and attention to detail.  While I'm not a model...you'll see me sporting my "Aspen big mountain" tee this summer...why?  because I love it, it's comfortable, it feels amazing...and it looks fabulous.

Being a good world citizen is extremely important to Susanne Reich the founder of Alp-n-Rock. The brand is rooted in the belief that "the greatest luxury is the ability to give back".  Alp-n-Rock donates up to 10% of all profits to educational programs in developing countries.  Ms. Reich wants her customers to look sensational, to feel delightful and to contribute the lifelong gift of education. 

Alp-n-Rock exudes style and sexiness with an international flair.  Their offerings are simply deluxe.  Take it from AspenSpin...we love Alp-n-Rock, and you will too.

Click ALP-n-ROCK to see the entire line.

Alp-n Rock at the 2013 SIA Snow Show. The brand made a huge impression on the entire ski industry. Click to shop. Photo: AspenSpin.