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Kjus: Style for Miles.

Many of you know that Kjus ski wear has been a long time and loyal supporter of AspenSpin.  The people at Kjus make sure that A. Party is  always decked out in the finest ski wear known to man.   Kjus started with an idea from Lasse Kjus the Norwegian Olympic skier and Swiss entrepreneur Didi Serena.

To learn more Click KJUS.

The company has evolved into a premier provider of Ski, Golf and Active clothing internationally.  The first Kjus ski collection was produced in 20O1 and initially hit the U.S. in 2002.  Since then the distinctive Kjus logo has become well known in the active fashion world.  Kjus ski wear is known for its technical fabrics and stylish designs.  It's functionable and fashionable.  It's the best ski wear I've ever worn and it always provides style for miles.

Kjus Gift Guide. Click to see more.

Last January, Brooke Mackenzie of Kjus USA and I had a brief huddle at SIA.  She was running from one meeting to another at The Snow Show, but she still took the time to ask what color I was thinking for 2015/16.

There was a giant sized poster of Lasse Kjus in the FRX Pro Jacket in maroon and blue and matching pants. That one looks pretty cool I pointed at the 20 foot display.  Brooke just smiled and agreed..."that one does look pretty cool"

A. Party chillaxing in the FRX Pro.So thats what i'm wearing this year...and it's working. The Kjus web site describes the FRX Pro as follows; "the White Dragon stretch fabric sets new standards in comfort for backcountry skiing". Suffice to say its a technical piece of gear.  It's waterproof, windproof, lightweight and breathable...and the ladies seem to really like it.   Its got that shred ready/ ready for anything / free rider look and the colors apparently suit me.  

Older and younger women alike seem to be drawn to me like a magnet when i'm wearing my new Kjus kit.  It's truly unbelievable. I've skied about 1200 days in Aspen and I've never before gotten so much chit chat on the gondy from the ladies.  Young ones and old ones, rich ones and poor ones, thin ones and thinner ones. They all seem to love the way I look in the KJUS Frx Pro.  "It's sexy" one very well heeled MILF whispered in my ear as we approached the top of the mountain.FRX Pro Jacket

If I wasn't authentic, I'd be nothing.  So here it is, from the heart.

Thank you Kjus. Thank you Brooke and Chris.  Thank you Didi and Nico and Timo. You guys have always suited me up in the best ski wear...but this season seems extra special. This year...if I play my cards right...in maroon and blue...and if I shave a little more often...then maybe, just maybe I'll finally meet a girl.   I'll owe it all to Kjus. 

Huge thanks to Kjus for always making me look good.   

In Aspen you can get Kjus at Hamilton Sports, Gorsuch and Aspen Sports.  Kjus is carried by the finest retailers Internationally

Kjus is the official outfitter of the Swiss Snow Team.



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