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Breaking the Ice

Have you been to New Zealand?  It's fantastic!!!   In addition to being the birthplace of bungee jumping and the veritable epicenter of adventure sports, it's home to about 4.2 million people and------------------ 8.2 million sheep.   It's also the HQ for IceBreaker, check out www.icebreaker.com .   IceBreaker makes the best long underwear in the world.  It's all 100% natural merino wool from NZ.  If you've ever ridden in the bucket with one of A-Spin's staffers---you know that IceBreaker "doesn't stink"----- no synthetics here.   We're even buying into their whole "sustainability" rap.  IceBreaker founder Jeremy Moon believes that "nature is cool" and they use "environmentally sound practices and ethical manufacturing processes", and they only shave the sheep once a year.   The honcho's from IB were in town to throw an event for their dealers and VIP's at the Sky Hotel.1637062-1131662-thumbnail.jpg

Here on the right is TEAM UTE from Ute Mountaineer getting ready to rumble during the VIP event.  Click on the pic. to enlarge it.  Ute is the top gear store in the valley, click in at www.UteMountaineer.com

Since it's not really snowing,  Aspen Spin has been doing a little research on 1637062-1131702-thumbnail.jpgall things GREEN.  Do a Google on the article entitled LITTLE GREEN LIES in the October 29, 2007 issue of Business Week.   It's an interesting take on Aspen and it's Ski Co.  Pictured on the left is The Construction Site known as The Residences at Little Nell.  Click it to enlarge.  That's the chair lift entry in the lower left corner.  While it's been a phenomenal Fall ---weather wise.  Some of the Locals are getting nervous about the early season conditions.   It's been too warm for Ski Co. to make their environmentally friendly man-made snow, and outside of the two Pow blasts we received a couple weekends ago-----well, we're still biking.



Aspen Spin 2.0

1637062-1127552-thumbnail.jpgSummer's over!!! Rocktober's over!!!   Halloween was siiiiick!!! and skiing in Aspen is only 3 weeks away.  So it is with great pride that we deliver Aspen Spin 2.0.  We're not just some random blog anymore--- we've evolved into ASPEN's #1  On-Line Tabloid. 

Now if you want to avoid all those bothersome e-mails---try signing up for our RSS feed (top left), it'll keep you updated.    In addition to the riveting content and awesome pix, you can check the weather (it's accurate), book a room, buy real estate,  save on your next botox party, rent a jet, buy ski equipment (vintage and new) and a whole lot more cool stuff.  This thing of ours is growing like a virus, and we're prepped for a huge 2007/08 ski season.  Yep, it's real and we're finally gettin' paid.  The baby is all grow-ed up.1637062-1127574-thumbnail.jpg

Back to Halloween;  for Aspen Locals it's the biggest party night on the calendar.  This year was no exception.  There were parties everywhere.  The place was hopping.   Aspen Spin had 1637062-1127593-thumbnail.jpgspecial correspondents all over town.  Our shooters made the scene at  The Elks Club, Aspen Square and the infamous Caribou Club-where panties were dropping faster than the free shots of Jaeger.   The highlight of the evening was the SPAZMATICS / DANGER KITTY show at Belly Up.  These 2 bands (shhhhh, it's two bands) kicked out the 80's rock n roll to the delight of a fully packed house.  The $1000 cash prize awarded for the top costume brought out the best Aspen had to offer.   Aspen Spin was honored to be chosen as a contest judge along with the Spazmatics and Mehndi.  

1637062-1127578-thumbnail.jpg 1637062-1127584-thumbnail.jpgspaz.JPG1637062-1127648-thumbnail.jpg1637062-1127623-thumbnail.jpg   1637062-1127683-thumbnail.jpg                       


 AS you can see, things got a little out of control last night, and our entire staff is fighting a fierce hangover, and some of the names and faces are blurred.  See if you can spot the Local Celebs in their costumes.    Also, we're just learning how to use our new custom made software----but check out the pix,  click on our sponsors, review last year's Aspen Spin---- and get ready-------there's a huge POWDER STORM coming and they're calling it www.AspenSpin.com .   

1637062-1127672-thumbnail.jpg  1637062-1127676-thumbnail.jpg  1637062-1127657-thumbnail.jpg    IMG_0459.JPG


 1637062-1127739-thumbnail.jpg     Aspen Spin SM         

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Just another POW Day in A-town.

1637062-1100886-thumbnail.jpgIt's still waaaaay pre season, but we had another HUGE POW DAY today. As expected,  Aspen Spin gave everybody the day off once we exceeded 6".  On Sunday, they they were calling  it 8 to 10" up top, but measured by the Carmelo-meter it was 6" in town. Today---it was the real deal.

1637062-1100892-thumbnail.jpgToday, we got about 5" overnight, followed by another 10" blast of the super soft stuff between 1.30 and 4 pm.  It was snowing as hard as this ski bum has ever seen it.  Is it skiable?--- you might ask---Damn Right it is--, but only if you're willing to hike for it.  Just another Pow day at HQ.   Nuff said for now.   Look for our new look-----coming soon .

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Snow Daze

skidaze.jpgIt's dumpin' in Aspen, and it appears to be sticking to the ground.  While you're sipping your latte and reading the NY TImes, we're digging out.   Aspen Spin is calling it a 6 incher----so we're taking the rest of the day off.  The lifts aren't open yet so we'll just have to be satisfied with New England vs. Dallas.

Colorado's Arapaho Basin Ski area opened for riding on October 10, 2007.  It's the earliest opening date in A-Basin's 61 year history.  Once again, A-Basin goes on record in 2007 as the first ski resort in North America to open for the season.  A-Spin correspondent, Polly Ross made it to the opener and sent us the picture shown below.

A-Basin is currently offering one run composed of 100% man made snow.  We're taking a pass.

This Fall the weather in the Roaring Fork Valley has been spectacular.  One beautiful sunny A-day after another.  But today, we're packing up our road bikes and our hiking boots and we're breaking out our snow tires and Sorels.

There's big party news for locals and anyone else who happens to be in town.   The Aspen Club and Spa is sponsoring ASPEN DAY.  It's an open house and open party.

Check out their fitness offerings, and get a sweat with a sampler class.  See what the Aspen club has to offer. Try out the new Garnish Cafe who is serving up FREE food and drinks.  Aspen Day is really 2 days, October 17 and 18, 2007,  2-6 p.m.   Check www.AspenClub.com  for  more imformation.
1637062-1101545-thumbnail.jpg  thisbodydirk092107_3.jpg  1637062-1101563-thumbnail.jpg


The meeting, the memo and the pink slip

The Meeting --a celebration of snow film and snow culture,  took place in Aspen last weekend.  If you want to get fired up to ski and ride---you'll show up next year for --The Meeting.    It's 3 full days of the best ski and snowboard films going.  More than 20 ski films were shown.  Top filmmakers like Poor Boyz Productions, Teton Gravity Research (TGR), Absinthe Films and Tanner Hall all screened their newest offerings at the historic Wheeler Opera House.   All the siiiiickest riders showed up to support their flix and to "keep it real" with their fans.  The party scene was off the hiiiizeeee.  If watching these extreme athletes huck the hugest cliffs, base jump out of choppers, pillow drop from obscenely high peaks and rip through the trees in the deepest pow you can imagine,  isn't enough to get you going----then it time to take up gardening ----brah!!!

The entire event was sponsored by Aspen/Snowmass, and it kicked off with the 5th annual NEPSA Awards.  Nepsa, Aspen spelled backwards is a snow movie making contest for amateur film-makers. The theme this year----- TRANSITION.   Local teen sensations, the Stover Brothers Mark,19 and Paul, 16, took home the bacon, a $2000 cash prize. The Nepsa Awards was followed by a white-hot fashion show from D & E Sports and copius amounts of Red Bull and Vodka for those of legal drinking age.

Pictured above (L to R)  D & E model in her skivvies.  Pixel Mixel maven Jeremy Swanson shoots the fashion show. Tannner Hall and his lady---yes, we BELIEVE!!  Retired ski intructor, Andy Party with film headliner Sage Cattabriga-Alosa.  Local legend, semi-pro skier and amateur film maker Pat Sewell.  Extreme skier and Warren Miller's leading man Chris Anthony got the Silver Medal at NEPSA.   Film celeb Sammy Carlson and big mountain living legend Seth Morrison slow roasting at the Wheeler.  All the amateur movie makers receiving their kudo's on the Wheeler stage.  Aspen/Snowmass executives David Perry and Jeff Hanle embracing the 4th estate, Christine Benedditti of the Aspen Daily News.