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Ski-Hab's almost over.

Yeah, dude,---  the cold winds have started blowing and we're all pulling out our puffy jackets.

Get off the couch and get ready to RIP.  Ski-Hab's over sooner than you think.Thisbodyasia092407_2  It's easy to train with Asia.



Scoopage on A-Spin.

We may live in a small mountain village--but we still get scoops.  Here's 3 of 'em.

1) Bank of America (symbol BAC) is spending big bucks to try to export the culture of Aspen.  Look for a new series of B of A commercials centered in Aspen for this winter.  There are 100's of black t-shirt wearing, walkie talkie yakking , P.A. types in town.  They all act like they are curing cancer until the catering truck shows up, and then it's a free for all.

2) LeBron James---the King ----is hosting the season premier of SNL this week.  That's no scoop, but what is hot news is the skit  they are prepping called "LeBrontourage".  Let's hope A-Spin's pal Lorne Michaels gives that vinette the green light.  The name alone cracks us up.

3) Big news for retired NHL players. Img_3064_4 There's work for them in Hollywood.   A new hockey movie, working title, Love Guru is being shot with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Alba. Check the pic at left of former NHL all stars, brawler, Bob Probert and netminder, John Vanbiesbrouck (go Beezer!) flanking Mr. Sexy Back--    JT.  Img_1077_4

                     On the right, Probie's gettin ready to punch the lights out of "mini me" Verne Troyer.

Thanks to assignment editors R. Rogow and D. Probert for the behind the scenes shots.

Start training!!!  Lifts open 11/22.



When the calender strikes October, one thing comes to the forefront at Aspen Spin.  That one thing ----- SKI CONDITIONING.   Our entire staff is hitting it hard at the super-posh Aspen Club and Spa.  Since the weather is still awesome we're continuing to hike and bike like bi-atchs.    But, as of today it's www.AspenClub.com  each and every day.

With the help of a wellness counselor at The Aspen Club we designed a daily fitness and nutrition routine that should allow all of us at Aspen Spin to have a healthier, more productive ski season.   So here it is.  Cardio--45 minutes.  Core and strength exercises using the bosu ball, medicine ball and fitness ball and some light weights.  What can we say--we like to ball.  We're concentrating on balance and core specific exercises for skiing ---some of the same ones that Bode Miller does.  The whole thing is followed by some serious stretching.

The most important part of our regime is our training table.  The new in-house restaurant at The Aspen Club is called GARNISH---and it's da bomb!!!  We met with executive chef Clark Church (see pic) and he is cookin' up healthy and nutritious food that actually tastes great and is fully satisfying.  Img_0337 While the grub at GARNISH is not quite as comforting as a whole deep dish pizza (our normal repast), it's balanced, beneficial and totally scrumptious.  Clark, who won the SOUPSKOL competition at WinterSkol last winter has us eating egg white frittata's with shrooms, spinach and sun-dried tomatoes every morning after our intense workout. MMMMM mmmm good.

Yeah, it's off season, but the locals are partying quite hard (see pic).Img_0300    We caught Sean Penn's latest directorial effort --- INTO the WILD---based on the Krakauer book of the same name at the Aspen Film Festival.  INTENSE-- is an understatement.

Also, the annual Forstman Little Conference Conference hosted by "Teddy Bear" Forstman hit Aspen.  Think tankers included Michael Dell, Michael Eisner, Jeff Bezos, Steven Forbes, Mort Zuckerman, Robert Kraft (Patriots owner), George Lucas, David Needleman (Jet Blue), Queen Noor and Colin Powell.  Is every one in this town a billionaire?Img_0317_3

So start your own ski conditioning ----and be ready to RIP.  Ski season 2007/2008 is gonna be siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.  Just in case you're wondering ---- that's 2 inches of fresh POW under Carmelo's paws at the top of Smuggler.


Pre-Season low down.

If you're a new reader you can check out last season's archives on your left. 

Aspen Spin is gearing up for a siiiiiiiick Ski Season 2007/08.   As you read this,  our I.T. staff is wrenching up the newly designed site.  You'll get the riveting original voice and the pix you've grown accustomed to as well as some new services. This season you'll be able to book a trip, reserve a spa treatment, check the weather,buy stuff,  search for Aspen property, rent skis, hire a jet and see waaaaaaz up, in 2 clicks or less.

We'll be ready when the snow starts to fly in November.   For now, you should start doing some squats.


Perry Gets OFF!!

PERRY gets OFF!!

Img_0231_2 Just because www.AspenSpin.com is in full off season mode, it doesn't mean we don't wanna ROCK.

Perry Farrell and his fully loaded Satellite Party hit town to play the Belly Up.  Perry loves to party so he pulled up in his bus for a "poor peoples concert" at Ink!! Coffee in town.  Both shows were stellar.  If you don't know who Perry is---do a Wikipedia or something---this guy can bring it.  And remember to book your trips to A-Town at 800-634-7753.