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BALD is the new BLACK

Thanksgiving is a time we share with family and friends,  it's also one of the biggest party weekends of the year.  This past holiday Karen Sosnick Schoenberg pulled out all the stops in order to surprise her beloved spouse Jeff Sosnick Schoenberg with a 50th birthday bash.   What does this have to do with Aspen? you ask------nothing really, but it was a major bash----so our exclusive coverage follows.1637062-1176284-thumbnail.jpg

Although Jeff's birthday is actually in February, Karen mobilized a vast network of friends, family, beautiful people, hourly workers, staff, indentured servants and Asian cocktail waitresses to make it happen.   About one thousand VIP ONLY guests descended on a local hotel for what was billed as the "Jeff-Mitzvah".

Inside sources revealed to A-Spin that the celebration was held in November for a very valid reason.   As of November 20, 2007, ---per the pre-nup----Jeff became fully vested in the family trust.   Addtionally he was promoted from  Au Pair to ----- HUSBAND/FATHER. 

1637062-1176298-thumbnail.jpgSo all the scene-makers gathered to blast Jeff into his second century.  Bold faced names flew in for the bash from Aspen, NYC, LA, Florida and of course Oakland County.  The famous Simone Vitale Band kicked out the jams to the delight of the posh crowd.   All the M.I.L.F.s shook their well preserved groove things as the raucous band played well past 1637062-1176462-thumbnail.jpg 2 a.m.   To top off the evening thong clad "geishas" served Hummers ( yeah, it's a drink) and sliders to the late night crowd.  Like the cherry on a sundae, each guest received their very own Jeffrey bobble head---a collector's item to be sure.  Forget   E-Bay,  A-spin will be selling the bobbles soon.

Check out the pix by clicking BALD is the new BLACK.



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