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Mini Pow Day in Aspen

Snow, just like Boobs,  is much better when it's natural rather than man-made or enhanced.   1637062-1181285-thumbnail.jpg

We got some help from Mr. Natural last night and it felt sooooo goooooood.   Still no skiing top to bottom, but at 12,000 feet on top of AJAX----   The six inch rule was in effect.   So the entire staff of www.AspenSpin.com hit the gondi ASAP.   It was light and soft and fluffy, and it almost covered up all the rocks and shrubs and other obstacles.  It's still pretty risky biz. out there, but they're opening new runs every day.   We're gonna check the validity of Ski Co's snow reports, but it appears that this season----  Snowmass is going to be the beneficiary of a little augmentation.

Today was one of those "stash" days.  A day that only the real ski bums get.   As fresh tracks were being laid, the word got out, the line at lift 3 (the only one open) got a little longer.   No waiting, just a few more Buckaroo's--- and Dogs and ----Chix on Stix sharing their joy.  Not to many KJUS outfits and BLACKBERRYs around, but plenty of DUCT TAPE and STICKERS.  It's good to be alive.

On the PARTY-CIRCUIT.    For 23 straight seasons, The Goldstein's have hosted the annual Ski Tuners Ball (STB). 1637062-1181279-thumbnail.jpg It all started as a way to repay the hard workin' waxers and sharpeners that keep the Goldstein's boards in tip top shape.  It has evolved into a rager,  a "local's favorite"--- complete with excessive amounts of tequila and plenty of hard core mountain athletes.    Check out the pix in the photo album----TUNE UP

This season, Ski Co. has relaxed it's former policy of  mandatory drug testing for employee's who are involved in on-mountain accidents.   Now it's a "supervisors call" if a Ski-Pro or Liftie must--- "fill it half-way, please" ---- immediately after a boo boo.   We realize that in today's  litigious society, ruled by the  corporate machine, that possible drug use by employees can be an issue.    But seriously----   One bong-hit never killed anyone------right?

A new demographic study showed that Aspen's skiers/boarders are ---older, wealthier, and willing to pay double to get here ----than the typical skier/boarder in the USA.   Really? ----   Amazing?

It's on now !!!!  You better bring it.


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