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Aspen Shred City

Living in the Rocky Mountains has it's privileges.  I love beautiful Fall weather in Colorado, but Winter is my milieu. When it snows in Aspen, even if it's only Oct 14, the cartilage and tendons in my body start to tingle.  Muscle memory kicks in and I look skyward towards the Ridge of Bell.  Looks pretty sweet. Right?

Yesterday, we had a full scale POW storm in Aspen.

Other parts of Colorado have gotten the goods. Arapahoe Basin is open for business. A-Basin again won bragging rights as the first ski resort in North America to open, 10/13/13.

Are u ready to RIP?  We are.




My Feet are KILLING Me. Full Tilt Boots

Skiing every day and partying every night in Aspen for the past 10 years has taken its toll on my feet.  As you can see in the photo below...my feet are f#*ked up.

That's why I need to win the Show Us Your Boots contest from Full Tilt Boots.   Using the original 3-Piece boot design, Full Tilt has developed a boot that is comfortable and performs at the highest level.  I entered FTB's contest to win a free pair of Full Tilt Boots....and I need your help to win.

PLEASE CLICK ON MY ENTRY.  View it.   Like it, share it, comment on it...do your thing.  Andy Party needs a new pair of boots, ASAP.  Help me to help you.

Click the link:  Show Us Your Boots

My feet hurt.. Help me win a new pair of Full Tilt Boots. Click to see my entry.


Ski Memories made on Memorial Day in Aspen.

Skiing on Memorial Day. Totally worth it. Click 4 Pix.Would you drive 1000 miles to ski Aspen Mountain on Memorial Day?  I did. 

When Carmelo and I got the tweet that Ajax was re-opening for Memorial Day weekend...we almost sh*t our collective pants.  30+ days travelling without an agenda or a GPS had led to lots of fun and interesting adventures. Alas, the allure of the open road was getting old.

SKI MEMORIES on Memorial Day.

We had 2 options; pay $459 per night for a crappy hotel in San Francisco over Memorial Day weekend...or point our sled East and rip a few last turns on Ajax.  As an added bonus we'd get to crash in our own beds for the first time in over a month. It was clear that my furry best friend was looking for some stability. Gas...check....cruise control...check...rogain...check.  We headed East   I analyzed the old fashioned road atlas (no GPS for us) and we hit Hwy 50 East, a.k.a The Loneliest Highway.  Have you done it?  1000 miles to glory, a straight shot to our apartment home in Aspen.  Hwy 50 is intense, 3 or 400 miles between gas stations. very few other cars.

Carmelo and I took a quick overnight at the always gorgeous Lake Tahoe.  A drive-by gambling sesh at Harrah's in S. Lake Tahoe yielded results.  Carmelo got to jump in the 48 degree water and I took down Harrah's.  Luckily I scored on almost every doubling opportunity at the black jack table. On the downside smoking is allowed in Nevada casinos and the second hand smoke was killing me.  I was up BIG, I thought...let's blow this town.  We hit the road with a pocket full of Benjamins.

The next 600 miles sucked.  A single lane the whole way through desolate, rural Nevada. But it was worth it.  Coming home to warm, clear, beautiful Aspen.   There was still enough snow up top to slide on...and thanks to Aspen Ski Co. the lifts were spinning all weekend.  All the usual suspects were there, all the Aspenites who love to ski and ride.

Click 4 pix.  SKI MEMORIES on Memorial Day.

New Jock City. The Rippers who Rip. Click 4 pix.Memorial Day Skiing in Aspen. Yeah its fun. Click 4 pix.Beach attire was entirely appropriate on Aspen Mountain for Memorial Day. Click 4 pix.



Bluebird Days in Aspen, Colorado

Truth be told... AspenSpin loves it when it snows.  We love the BIG, fat, fluffy snow flakes that make it hard to see and hard to drive and hard to fly. We love the phat flakes that make the skiing and riding siiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.   If we can't have a blizzard...it might as well be...

a BLUEBIRD Day in Aspen, Colorado.

Aspen Highlands Bowl as seen from Aspen Mountain. 2/12/13 9.15 a.m. minus 5 degrees.Lift 6 on Aspen Mountain. The best 591 verts in skiing.From the top of Henry's Run on 1a. Yeah...I crushed it.Ladies of the Lifts. Expression session at Lift 1a. Aspen, Colorado.


The Storm that saved Christmas in Aspen.

The Carmelo-meter has been measuring the POW POW in Aspen for 10 seasons. Today's rating...siiiiiiiiiiickIt's not over yet.  Ski season 2012/13 took a huge turn for the positive Saturday night.

15 inches of beautiful, high quality POW POW dropped itself on Aspen Mountain. It was sort of heavy and wet and wind-blown and kind of weird (see previous post), but it was fresh and natural and "not man-made".  This storm allowed the Silver Queen Gondola to open for top-to-bottom skiing for the first time this season.   All the usual suspects were near the front of the line around 8 a.m. and the pent up demand was apparent.  By 9 a.m. the lift line wound all the way down to Durant Street.

For the record, I'm still freaked out about the climate, but I was thrilled to see the ground on both sides of the Roaring Fork Valley covered with snow.  Because of my climate fears I have become more of a student  of snow quality. While this 15" is much appreciated it's really just a start, a good base if you will.  The ski patrol and mountain operations folks have a HUGE job ahead.   Most people riding the gondy were amazed by the huge cracks and fissures in the snow on the back side of Bell Mountain. "Extremely rare, I've never seen that before" declared one 40 year local on the Gondy.   Snow slides in bounds were visible on Keith's Glen and Dipsy Headwall...highly unusual.  Not much was open due to extreme avalanche issues and/or the big rocks and stumps laying in wait just below the newly fallen snow. It was sunny, cold and gorgeous and it was great to be on top again.

Luckily the entire staff at AspenSpin got our laps in early, as the crowd on the mountain built steadily.   The entire posse of hungry pow hounds was funneled into Copper Bowl where they came face-to-face with a large number of "skier visits" as well as powerful snow guns blasting gravel-like man made POW into their faces.   Visibility was "zero" in some spots.   But it was fun and Winter and hopefully no one got hurt.

Snow porn.While 15" does not a season make, this storm was crucial for Aspen.  The entire City of Aspen breathed a collective sigh of relief with the realization that last night's precipitation was for real.  The locals for the most part depend on tourism for their livelihood, and we realize that if conditions are not primo...the people with their own planes and 2nd  & 3rd homes, the 1%ers,  have a few other options.  They will cancel and spend Christmas elsewhere.  The beautiful people want to be where the action is...whether it's Jackson Hole, or St. Barts or Dubai or where ever.  This is the storm that saved Christmas in Aspen.

So fire up the G, brah.  Book your private lessons.  Alert your chef. Lock in your afternoon massages, but remember to pack your woolies...it's Winter.

Christmas isON in Aspen.

First Tracks on the Mall. Christmas is on. Photo: Jeremy Swanson /ASC

Attitude Adjustment at Altitude. Good to be on top. 15 inches of fresh on Aspen Mountain.The pent up demand was apparent as the Silver Queen Gondola opened for the first time all season.The Stoke Factor was high near the front of the line as evidenced by ski bum Brad Unglert.Is everybody happy??? Pat & Kathy were in the 6th gondola car.First Chair on the Ajax Express (lift 3). Before the crowds. The snow was beautiful.