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Aspen Highlands Closing Day: It's not for Gapers

The Aspen Highlands closing day party has morphed into the biggest and best party in the ski world. And it keeps getting bigger.  It's like the perfect storm of on-mountain celebrations.  The costumes, the booze, the music, the drugs and especially the all-out steaziness is beyond compare.

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The Aspen Highlands closing day party has expanded from an intimate locals-only soiree into a regional bacchanalia.   People are now coming from all over the Western U.S. just to throw down.  The wilder the better.  

This years edition blew the roof off the open-air party stadium at Aspen Highlands. Nearly 5000 revelers joined in...an unofficial record.   

Always a highlight... The Aspen Bounce...it's when the jam-packed, pre-fab deck floor recoils to the beat of the EDM and the collective rhythm of the ski and rider tribe. The  Aspen bounce gives dancers a little extra vitality and allows people to send it just a little bit higher. You have to try it out to believe it. The non-stop DJ's at two different venues keep the potency of the party going.  From kids with fake I.D's to seniors with AARP cards...everyone gets their jam on. 

Alcohol is one thing.  There is tons of it all over the mountain.   Whether it's BYO or Champagne at Cloud Nine or Coors light... the fire water is flowing.   The Weed?  There's enough MJ (medical, recreational and black market) to satisfy an army. Other drugs like LSD, ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, meth, horse tranquilizers, special K, sizzurp and bath salts are surely being used to enhance the mood.

This party is not for gapers.  It's a year-end ritual that memorializes another great Winter of shredding in Aspen.  Everyone needs to blow off some steam at the end of a long ski season... and they do. It's a well deserved blow out.  The Aspen Highlands closing day party is as close to "anything goes" as you can get.

Sure, many of the revelers dont even see the mountain...thats OK.  Plus we always hear tales of lost equipment, lost phones, lost keys, lost wallets, lost credit cards, lost panties...but thats OK too. Lots of folks pass out and/or barf on the bus...also OK.  People over-indulging and forgetting where they live is part of the cultural experience of AH closing day.  I often set up camp at the Rubey Park bus stop in Aspen as night falls just to see the zombie walkers that get off that Aspen Highlands bus.

By any definition Closing Day at Aspen Highlands is a DO NOT MISS experience in Aspen.

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Aspen Highlands Closing Day: It's not for gapers.

Photo: Matt Power Click the image for MattPowerphotography.comCloud Nine on closing day...that a jam sesh.



Another BIG A$$ day in Aspen.

Last Laps in Highland Bowl. Photo: AspenSpinSunday funday?  It's a way of life in Aspen.   As the ski season winds to a close, AspenSpin is still out there skiing every day and partying every night.  You have to get up and out pretty early to beat A. Party. 8 am on Sunday morning to be exact.  We had a BIG A$$ day planned...so best to start early.

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Sun Dog's K-9 Uphill

Aspen Highlands Closing Day

Sun Dog Athletics and Erik Skarvan hosted their 20th annual K-9 Uphill for dogs and their masters.  About 100 dog lovers hiked (or ran)up and down Buttermilk Mountain with their 4 legged friends.  A portion of the proceeds from this "fun run" go to the Aspen Animal Shelter.  As always the K-9 Uphill was a fantastic event.

The Travelosity Gnome was passing out candy.After the dog show, A.Spin cruised over to Aspen Highlands for the 2015 Closing Day Spectacular. A little rip...then we concentrated on the extra curriculars. The closing day party at Aspen Highlands has become a "must attend" event in the ski world. It's become perhaps the best on mountain celebration in skiing (and riding).  From the top of the Highland Bowl to thebottom of the underground parking garage, Aspen Highlands was chock full of partiers. Revelers of all ages, ethnicities and species showed up.  As always, the closing day festivities turned into a full-on rave scene.   The signature feature...the Highlands bounce...got going around 3 pm.  When the music is right and the crowd is popping...the industrial strengthth plastic decking bends to the sound of the beat.  The AH Bounce...effectively a crowd sourced moving dance floor is too good to pass up.   The Highlands closing day party attracts hedonists from far and wide. Ski bums, hippies, business dudes, nurses, school teachers and more show up to collectively celebrate the end of ski season.  Whether you're donning your vintage onezie or showing off lots of skin...the Highlands scene is second to none. Once again crazinessensued.

So we have one more week to ski Aspen Mountain. And the then it's over.  No extended season this year. There have been more 50 degree days than POW days this season in Aspen.  But we still had it better than most.  

What are we doing for mud season?  Funny you should ask...Aspen Spin's very own A. Party...founder, editor and chief provocateur is running for political office in Aspen.  That kid will do anything for viral content.  Anyway...enjoy the pix...and the last week of shredding.  Spandex season is upon us.

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Sun Dog's K-9 Uphill

Aspen Highlands Closing Day

Sun Dog's K-9 Uphill... 20th Edition. Great "fun run" for the dogs.

These dudes raided Grandma's closet for Onezies. For Realz.Shredders gonna Shred. cover of AspenSpin...that's BIG TIME. The Dukes of Aspen dominated Schneetag 2015. Aspen Highlands Closing Day.




Pow Day closes out Aspen Highlands 

More pix from Aspen Highlands closing day on the way.  It's a POW DAY on Aspen Mountain, gotta go.  Ski Season 2013/14 is not over yet.

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