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Another BIG A$$ day in Aspen.

Last Laps in Highland Bowl. Photo: AspenSpinSunday funday?  It's a way of life in Aspen.   As the ski season winds to a close, AspenSpin is still out there skiing every day and partying every night.  You have to get up and out pretty early to beat A. Party. 8 am on Sunday morning to be exact.  We had a BIG A$$ day planned...so best to start early.

Click 4 Sick Pix;

Sun Dog's K-9 Uphill

Aspen Highlands Closing Day

Sun Dog Athletics and Erik Skarvan hosted their 20th annual K-9 Uphill for dogs and their masters.  About 100 dog lovers hiked (or ran)up and down Buttermilk Mountain with their 4 legged friends.  A portion of the proceeds from this "fun run" go to the Aspen Animal Shelter.  As always the K-9 Uphill was a fantastic event.

The Travelosity Gnome was passing out candy.After the dog show, A.Spin cruised over to Aspen Highlands for the 2015 Closing Day Spectacular. A little rip...then we concentrated on the extra curriculars. The closing day party at Aspen Highlands has become a "must attend" event in the ski world. It's become perhaps the best on mountain celebration in skiing (and riding).  From the top of the Highland Bowl to thebottom of the underground parking garage, Aspen Highlands was chock full of partiers. Revelers of all ages, ethnicities and species showed up.  As always, the closing day festivities turned into a full-on rave scene.   The signature feature...the Highlands bounce...got going around 3 pm.  When the music is right and the crowd is popping...the industrial strengthth plastic decking bends to the sound of the beat.  The AH Bounce...effectively a crowd sourced moving dance floor is too good to pass up.   The Highlands closing day party attracts hedonists from far and wide. Ski bums, hippies, business dudes, nurses, school teachers and more show up to collectively celebrate the end of ski season.  Whether you're donning your vintage onezie or showing off lots of skin...the Highlands scene is second to none. Once again crazinessensued.

So we have one more week to ski Aspen Mountain. And the then it's over.  No extended season this year. There have been more 50 degree days than POW days this season in Aspen.  But we still had it better than most.  

What are we doing for mud season?  Funny you should ask...Aspen Spin's very own A. Party...founder, editor and chief provocateur is running for political office in Aspen.  That kid will do anything for viral content.  Anyway...enjoy the pix...and the last week of shredding.  Spandex season is upon us.

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Sun Dog's K-9 Uphill

Aspen Highlands Closing Day

Sun Dog's K-9 Uphill... 20th Edition. Great "fun run" for the dogs.

These dudes raided Grandma's closet for Onezies. For Realz.Shredders gonna Shred. cover of AspenSpin...that's BIG TIME. The Dukes of Aspen dominated Schneetag 2015. Aspen Highlands Closing Day.




Sex, Drugs and Aspen Highlands

Cloud 9 went off for closing day.Closing day at Aspen Highlands is generally considered the #1 party in the entire ski world  This year's incarnation left nothing on the table. 

With climate change upon us, it was a very unusual ski season.  Two feet of snow fell here in the last week, so ski conditions were at their peak.  Thousands of skiers, riders and just plain partiers showed up to send the 2012/13 ski season off in style.

Click 4 Pix.  Sex, Drugs and Aspen Highlands.

It was a picture perfect Colorado bluebird day at Aspen Highlands.  Everybody was pumped and stoked and ready for a huge celebration of Winter, the mountain lifestyle and our funky, athletic, substance abusing, sexy community.  Spirits were high. Costumes were "almost required".

Highland's closing is a huge day for AspenSpin. A. Party got up early, secured a $20 parking space and grabbed one of the first chairs while mentally repeating a closing day mantra (no injuries, no injuries). It was warm at the bottom but at AH you always have to factor in the long, wind-exposed lift rides, no gondola here.  The gorgeous early morning light illuminated the fresh snow on the majestic peaks in the distance.  That first warm-up lap, alone on the mountain, ripping on the already corn-ed up corduroy gave me a chance to reflect back on a challenging season.  It wasn't the best one...but it was awesome none the less. Sayonara 2012/13.

So the task at hand. Click 4 pix.  SEX, DRUGS and ASPEN HIGHLANDS


Thousands raged at Aspen Highlands. Click 4 pix.We know not what the future holds

In this World of change

The season's end is here again

Time to turn the page

Lovers will love and haters will hate

but one thing can be said

I came, I saw, I shredded & I took sick pix







Aspen: We're Not Done Yet!!

Sunday was closing day on Aspen Mountain and it was a great powder day. Monday was probably the single best ski day of the year...free refills.  Tuesday was a pow pow jamboree at Aspen Highlands.  It's supposed to snow tonight. In fact it's dumping right now. Wow, April really is siiiiiiiiiiiiiick. Gotta go.

Aspen Highlands is open through 4/21 with a bonus week-end 4/27-4/28

Spring is storming in Aspen...and we're not done yet.

Mike Tierney rolling freshieson the Cooper Street Mall in Aspen



Halo Effect on Red Mountain.

Maroon Bowl experienced a HUGE natural avalanche. The slide went about 4000 ft.The ants go marching 1 x 1. Tuesday in Highland Bowl.Street Scenes in Aspen.


Fallen Friends Memorial (& BIG Air)

Crocodile Dundees 3 peated at Fallen Friends. click 4 pix:The 5th Annual Fallen Friends Memorial was held at Aspen Highlands on Saturday.  Fallen Friends is a tribute to those skiers and riders who are no longer with us.  It's a celebration of the mountain lifestyle and a remembrance of those who have lost their lives in the mountains. Fallen Friends is an athletic competition, a party and a fund raiser for AVSC scholarships, but most of all its a reminder of the fragility of life. 

18 teams in full costume ripped laps down the modified slope-style course on Scarlett's run, just above The Merry Go Round restaurant.  Guys, gals, kids, adults...everybody threw tricks off the kickers and rails and natural features on Scarlett's.

Click for pix:  FALLEN FRIENDS (& BIG Air).

Every year, those of us that live in Aspen are exposed to death in the mountains and within the community.  Every ski season lives are lost in a variety of ways in the Rocky Mountains.  Fallen Friends memorializes the brothers (and sisters) who have paid the ultimate price and did so pursuing the life they loved in the Rocky Mountains.   Every Spring the Fallen Friends event brings the skiers and snowboarders together to throw down...to remember the good times...and to honor the lives of our Fallen Friends.

On the same night on Aspen Mountain the KickAspen BIG Air contest was held.  An 80 foot kicker was built at the base of Ajax on the Little Nell run. Athletes from near and far were sending their biggest tricks in front of a packed house.  Skiers and Snowboarders alike were hucking their meat under the lights for cash and prizes.  Everybody was whipping out the 720 corks and 1080's from their trick bags.  The best BIG Air specialists around were going for broke on the BIG Stage in Aspen.

Click for pix:  FALLEN FRIENDS (& BIG Air)

They gripped and they ripped at Fallen Friends 2013. Click for pix.The Ghost Riders at Fallen Friends 2013. Aspen Highlands. Click 4 pix.White Trash at Fallen Friends. Click 4 pix.Berkel & Tae went HUGE over the 80 foot kicker at KickAspen. Click 4 pix.The kicker was enormous on Aspen Mountain. Photo: Aspen/Snowmass Clcik for more pix.



Staying Safe with the AH Ski Patrol. Click 4 pixWednesdays are Guest Appreciation Day at Aspen Highlands.



FREE HOTDOGS at Deep Temerity



Click 4 pix:  GAD @ AH

Pyramid Peak and The Maroon Bells. Click for pix.