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Breaking the Ice

Have you been to New Zealand?  It's fantastic!!!   In addition to being the birthplace of bungee jumping and the veritable epicenter of adventure sports, it's home to about 4.2 million people and------------------ 8.2 million sheep.   It's also the HQ for IceBreaker, check out www.icebreaker.com .   IceBreaker makes the best long underwear in the world.  It's all 100% natural merino wool from NZ.  If you've ever ridden in the bucket with one of A-Spin's staffers---you know that IceBreaker "doesn't stink"----- no synthetics here.   We're even buying into their whole "sustainability" rap.  IceBreaker founder Jeremy Moon believes that "nature is cool" and they use "environmentally sound practices and ethical manufacturing processes", and they only shave the sheep once a year.   The honcho's from IB were in town to throw an event for their dealers and VIP's at the Sky Hotel.1637062-1131662-thumbnail.jpg

Here on the right is TEAM UTE from Ute Mountaineer getting ready to rumble during the VIP event.  Click on the pic. to enlarge it.  Ute is the top gear store in the valley, click in at www.UteMountaineer.com

Since it's not really snowing,  Aspen Spin has been doing a little research on 1637062-1131702-thumbnail.jpgall things GREEN.  Do a Google on the article entitled LITTLE GREEN LIES in the October 29, 2007 issue of Business Week.   It's an interesting take on Aspen and it's Ski Co.  Pictured on the left is The Construction Site known as The Residences at Little Nell.  Click it to enlarge.  That's the chair lift entry in the lower left corner.  While it's been a phenomenal Fall ---weather wise.  Some of the Locals are getting nervous about the early season conditions.   It's been too warm for Ski Co. to make their environmentally friendly man-made snow, and outside of the two Pow blasts we received a couple weekends ago-----well, we're still biking.


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