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Event Frenzy in Aspen

At AspenSpin we consider the Summer to be the off-season.  After spending more than 3 months ski-habbing and recharging the batteries in San Diego we returned  to the frantic pace of August in Fat City.

The town is packed with active seniors (many in spandex), oodles & oodles of children who will someday be your boss and music students spontaneously laying down classical jams all over town.   It's very different than the Winter crowd.  While the tourists make the town thrive...they kind of give me a headache. I call them Aspirins.   So after taking a few days to acclimatize, AspenSpin jumped right into the deep end.  Today we pulled off a Quint.  5 events.  All informative, all interesting and all different. 

It was an EVENT FRENZY in ASPEN  click 4 pix.

We grabbed a bite at Todd Shaver's Aspen Business Luncheon where former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright took the stage.  She spoke about her new book Prague Winter which blends her family history with an insightful view of WWII.   Ms. Albright also touched (tactfully) on today's political decisiveness in the U.S.  She gave her candid opinions about National and World affairs, China, Afghanistan, Bin Laden and more. She's worried.  She admitted that she still doesn't know what Mitt Romney's foreign policy stance is.   She shared her opinions freely...and smiled when she admitted that she is "no longer a diplomat".  She was funny and honest and authentic...I'd vote for her.

B.J. Adams and Company hosted the 4th Annual Aspen/Snowmass State of the Real Estate and Tourism Economy.  The room was packed with real estate brokers who are chomping at the bit to sell the dream.  B.J. Adams led off with a discussion on confidence.  She's very confident and she encouraged others to be the same.  Andrew Ernemann shared some of his analytical insights into the Aspen real estate market.  His message was fairly optimistic, especially if you're the type who only looks at the bright side.  Dr. Jim Taylor of The Harrison group gave a vey informative presentation examining the trends and purchase dynamics of the truly wealthy.  Taylor, A Michigan State Alum,  is a highly regarded futurist and branding expert and one of the foremost authorities on wealth and spending in America.  A few take home points from his comprehensive presentation.  *Spending and consumption are static, especially in the "other 99%".  *Concentration of wealth in the hands of the few has sky-rocketed in the past 10 years.  *Quality of life and family time has become much more important since the recession started in 06. *Success is under siege.  The truly wealthy feel they are being scorned for their prosperity and they prefer to keep their wealth "under-cover".  * 77% of wealthy people trust their own research more than their realtors. *Advertising, marketing and cold-calling are completely ineffective when selling to the affluent...word of mouth is extremely important.  * Wealthy people use a "worth-based" system rather than a "value-based" system. ie: is it worth it?...rather than is it a good deal.  * 88% of wealthy people feel that they are excellent negotiators.  *Saving rates among the wealthy is currently very high, almost $7 trillion in pent up cash which could lead to an increase in 2nd home purchases.  * The lure of the enclave...wealthy people want to spend time in places that appeal to people "like us".  * Trusting a sales person is a very difficult concept for the truly wealthy. *The rich are willing to pay the price for goods if  "its worth it", and they almost always  feel like they deserve it. 

The Aspen Community Foundation and the John Gold PreCollegiate Program Scholarship Fund hosted an intimate gathering at the home of Barbara Gold.  The Gold Fund provides economic assistance to first generation college students in the Roaring Fork Valley.   5 local students who have received financial aid from ACF via the John Gold Fund shared a few of their collegiate experiences with the crowd.  These are high achieving local students who are the first in their families to attend college.  The Gold Fund seems to be doing great work as the recipients are all excelling academically and socially at the collegiate level and are shining examples to their family and friends. Click to learn more about The ASPEN COMMUNITY FOUNDATION and The JOHN GOLD Fund

The Chris Klug Foundation (CKF) hosted a fundraising event with their team of 10 racers who will ride in the grueling Leadville 100 this Saturday.  CKF continues to spread the word about life-saving tissue and organ donation.  Chris Klug himself is an organ recipiant along with being a 3-Time Olympic Snowboarder.   With 14,000 feet of elevation gain over the 100 miles, Leadville is no easy task.  Riding in honor of fallen friend, Gary Albert the CKF team can use all your support.  Donate now at CHRIS KLUG FOUNDATION.

Our final stop was the 3rd Annual SPRING BOARD OLYMPICS.  Spring Board is a local foundation comprised of young adults which is also associated with Aspen Community Foundation.   Spring Board provides grants locally to a wide variety of non-profits.  Aspen Spin didn't  show up at Koch Park just for the beer pong and sack races.  We attended to show our support to the young people of Spring board and to encourage them to keep on giving back.  Learn more about SPRING BOARD here.

It might be time for an intern because it was an

EVENT FRENZY in ASPEN.  Click 4 pix. 


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