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Bike like a Billionaire in Aspen.  

USA Pro Challenge. Aspen, August 22 & 23Aspen, Colorado is known for it's VIP experiences.  Sporting the correct wrist band or neck lanyard in Aspen can get you "anything you need".   The 2012 USA Pro Cycling Challenge bicycle race is pulling out all the VIP stops in it's second year. 

For VIP Experiences Contact:  Barbara Frank  BFrank@teamavsc.com  or 970-205-5102

For 2012 Aspen is playing host to the FINISH of STAGE 3 (August 22) and the START of STAGE 4 (August 23).   The USA Pro Challenge is the toughest bike race in the U.S. and they are bringing their entire bicycle traveling circus to Aspen.  Six of the top 13 finishers from this year's Tour de France, and all 5 of last years USA Pro leaders will be racing through the Colorado Rockies.  For the Aspen stages 126 elite riders from 24 countries will pedal up and down Independence Pass ...twice.  Teams from Radio Shack, BMC, Garmin and more will compete in Colorado.  The USA Pro features an interactive Festival / Expo in Wagner Park which includes live music from 80's rockers Anthem, contests, games, a sponsor's row and plenty of swag.

If you're fired up for a more unique experience, The USA Pro will offer plenty of VIP options.   As always the Patron Finish Tent ($500) will include an unobstructed view of the finish, extensive catered food, an open bar and the ONLY IN-TOWN PARKING.  The next day the Patron Start Tent ($150) will offer a catered breakfast, morning cocktails and access to the racers prior to the start.  The night of August 22, attend the STAGE 3.5 PARTY (contact B. Frank for Tickets) to benefit the Aspen Community Foundation. You'll need a police escort to attend The TOP of the PASS PARTY ($2500 per person or $22,000 for a van holding 11 people). This will be the ultimate private party at the apex of Independence Pass on August 23.

The top riders compete in AspenYou want the best VIP Experience of all.  You wanna be a playa?  You wanna impress the kiddies or the ladies?  Step up, kid...into the BIG TIME... Ride in the OFFICIAL USA PRO PACE CAR (price negotiable).  This one of a kind experience is available for both stages.  You can weave through the peloton (well maybe not weave) complete with expert commentary. 

For complete info about any of these tax deductible VIP events, contact:

BARBARA FRANK: bfrank@teamavsc.com   970-205-5102

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