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Fallen Friends and Protect Our Winters

If you've been to Aspen, Colorado than you know our Valley is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  The majestic Rocky Mountains, the roaring rivers and the high alpine forests provide us with the beautiful natural amphitheater in which we live and play.

Whether you are a local or a tourist it's easy to understand the attractions of Aspen.

 Saturday AspenSpin attended fund-raisers for two extremely important issues, Fallen Friends and Protect Our Winters.  They are issues that affect us locally but have global implications.  At A-Spin we tend to focus on the good times... but these two subjects are becoming increasingly crucial in mountain communities across the globe.

Clic 4 Pix:  Fallen Friends & Protect Our Winters

FALLEN FRIENDs is a memorial event at Aspen Highlands to honor those skiers and riders who have paid the ultimate price. Many of our friends have lost their lives...sure, it's doing what they love, but it's not worth it.  Fallen Friends is a blow out party "for the brothers who aren't here", but it's small compensation for the pain and sorrow of losing a loved one.  Aspen and other ski towns have lost waaaaaaaaaay to many young people to the mountains. Skiing and riding have always been inherently risky endeavors...the syndrome of "pushing the envelope" has created an increasing number of fatalities in the mountain and action sports communities.  We get it...going BIG is fun.  An adrenaline rush is a great feeling.  Sending a previously un-skied line or hucking an un-huckable cliff might get you sponsored or get you a starring role in a ski flick.   AspenSpin will say it loud and clear.  IT'S NOT WORTH IT.   Think before you go.  If it seems to sketchy...it probably is.  RESPECT MOTHER NATURE because she can take you any time she wants to.  Nuff said. 

PROTECT OUR WINTERS.   AspenSpin is not a climate change expert and we cannot solve this immense  worldwide problem with our little blog. But we can help raise money and awareness to fight climate change.  All of us on earth have a COMMON GOAL to find a solution to PROTECT OUR WINTERS (POW).  Chris Davenport and Jeff Halverty along with The Regal Nightclub gave back by throwing an informational fund-raiser.  Click the POW link to find out how you can help.  Act locally... start doing the little things at home. Recycle and re-use.  If we all work together we can Protect Our Winters and keep shredding.

Enough preachin'.  Click my SICK PIX....thaz wut i do.


HBO's Jon Frankel and POW Host Chris Davenport at the Protect Our Winters Event

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