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Skiing with Haute Hippie

At AspenSpin we are inundated with P.R. inquiries...about 25 per week.  The vast majority of them are irrelevant to our viewers.  Hello??? We don't do advertorials about diapers, batteries, video games or nutritional supplements.  We stick to our core competency...skiing every day and partying every night.

When I was contacted by Haute Hippie...something clicked. I thought to myself, "it's a super-cool name, I wonder what they do?"  The initial contact was a friendly and personal invitation to attend their in-store event during Aspen Fashion Week.  Haute Hippie / Haute Hoodie...I wasn't even sure where the store was located, or what their concept was all about.  We made a few calls to our fasionista network. Turns out all the stylish ladies know about Haute Hippie.  "It's awesome" said one of my NYC friends.  "Their stuff is so cool" exclaimed another fashion forward friend from Cali.  A third call revealed the same thing... Haute Hippie is a very, very hot name in fashion.

Click the pix:   Skiing with Haute Hippie

Haute Hoodie in-strore even in Aspen.The Aspen concept store is a joint venture with Gorsuch and is located in The Little Nell (next to Dennis Basso).  We decided to check it out.  WOW.  Haute Hippie and it's related line Haute Hoodie are more than just labels ... Haute Hippie is a lifestyle.  The small retail space was filled with garments that looked stylish, comfortable and luxurious...plus the sales-person, Alex is smoking hot.  I took a few sick-pix and I was on my way.

I received a text, Jesse Cole, Co-founder and Co-Creative Director of Haute Hippie and Haute Hoodie was in Aspen on a boys trip.  Do I want to meet him?

Jesse who's main vocation is finance co-founded the HH fashion lines with his wife Trish Wescoat Pound.  Trish is the designer and Jesse is the muse. I learned a lot, Haute Hippie is a true labor of love.  It's about producing chic, elegant and comfortable clothes that can be dressed up..or dressed down.  It's about the deluxe knit fabrics and a sophisticated mind-set.  HH is designed for and inspired by global nomads, people on the go.  It's clothing that can function in a vast array of world-wide arenas. HH is for times when you want to experience ultra comfort...but you still want to look cool.   Jesse explained that Trish is a "rock and roll bohemian and a global gypsy" and upon further review of her collections,  it became clear that Haute Hippie and Haute Hoodie truly reflect that ethos.  Jesse's passion for Trish and their co-creation was evident and real. He explained that HH was inspired by music, travel and experiences.  "They should be your favorite Sunday clothes" he added.

Haute Hippie / Haute Hoodie crew in Aspen. click 4 pix.Skiing with fashionistas is not normally AspenSpin's M.O., but Jesse and his boys were interested in a "tour of Aspen Mountain".  WTF??, they seemed pretty chill.  So the next day we skied.  It was a gorgeous, warm, beautiful bluebird day in Aspen... and the Noooo Yawkers were keepin' up pretty well.  Jesse, Mikey the C.,  David and I hooked up with Greg the Hedgie and his foxy wife Tara.  The Snow started to soften up so we pushed it a little.  We took runs through The Dumps, we tackled the Ridge of Bell and the Shoulder of Bell.  We all had a great time. I showed them my world and I learned about theirs.

So I'll say it... I'm a HUGE fan of Haute Hippie.  You can't fake authenticity.  Haute Hippie and Haute Hoodie are authentic lifestyle fashions that are inspired by love. The love between Jesse and Trish...as well as a love for life, a love of new experiences,  a love of music, a love of style and comfort and a love exotic places.  Haute Hippie is already blowing up in upscale, contemporary fashion circles.  HH has been featured in publications such as Elle, W, Cosmo, Vanity Fair...and now AspenSpin.  So if you see me bopping around Aspen wearing a stylie and comfortable Haute Hoodie poncho, you'll know where it came from.  If you dig it...give me a "wut up"? and I'll pass it on to Jesse and Trish.  You can get HH at Saks, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and other fine stores...or right here in Aspen at the HH concept shop at Gorsuch at The Little Nell.


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