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Powder Jam in Aspen

Freshies all day on Ajax. click 4 pix.POWDER...that's what we love most about Aspen.  We've been starving for Powder most of the season.  We received about 12" of fresh snow on Saturday night.  Sunday was set up for a huge POW Day, only the third legit POW day of the season.  The line at the Gondy was off the charts...luckily AspenSpin was close to the front.  The line at 1a was record setting in the modern era (see photo below).  Avalanche danger was EXTREME... even in-bounds.  An announcement was made at the Gondola; STAY in BOUNDS.  The line grew as all lifts were on avalanche hold until 9.35am.  Avi bombs were blowing up continuously.  It was like a demo day at General Dynamics.    A.Party entered the line at about 8.15 a.m....several buckets behind The Dogs... and way behind Matt Ross who apparently was taking a "private lesson".   We were in pretty good position.

POWDER JAM in Aspen. (click 4 pix).

The snow was wet and heavy and wind slabbed.  It was "Adults Only" skiing and many gapers were exploding in the deep, wet POW on the formerly groomed runs near the top.  After 9 seasons in Aspen, and over 800 ski days, we have Ajax pretty well wired  It's a really intimate space when you get to know it.  Playing the wind and finding the deepest spots was of utmost importance.  Avoiding huge lines at the Gondola and 1a was also an important factor for maximizing fresh tracks.   The pent up demand for POW was evident.  It was every man (or woman) for themselves. A.Party did as he was trained by the Buckaroos...Face to 6...it was untracked.  Stashes were plentiful and freshies were everywhere for the taking.  It was a good day.

Then this morning our sh*t blew up early, like 9 a.m. EST.  5 texts. 4 e-mails and 2 Facebook messages.  Everybody was looking for "dish" on Heidi Klum and Seal's divorce announcement.  They were last seen as a couple in Aspen.  Apparently, the hunger for dirt on celebs is ravenous.   This is "bigger than Charlie Sheen" stressed one e-mail.  "Any detail would be helpful" expressed another message.  To whom it may concern;  AspenSpin does not know anything about Heidi Klum and Seal.  We did not even lay an eyeball on them this year.  We've interacted with them in the past...and they seem like a very nice couple.  We respect their privacy.....and we're more interested in the day old POW.

Click 4 Pix  POWDER JAM

This may be the longest line at 1a in the modern era. Lifts on avalanche hold until 9.35. 1.22.12 Click 4 pix.Face Shots ...yeeeeah. Skier G.R. Fielding Photo: Jeremy Swanson Aspen / SnowmassSeal and Heidi Klum. AspenSpin doesn't have any info on their divorce. Sorry National Enquirer.

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