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Aspen: Boy Soup

Gay Ski Week 2012 in AspenGay Ski week in Aspen is really no big deal.  It's been going on for 35 years and Aspen prides itself on a "live and let live" culture and a very liberal and progressive vibe.  Gay Ski Week in Aspen is really just like any other week in January...except there are a lot more guys.   Well dressed, well groomed, and  usually well mannered guys.  But these guys come to party...and it's pretty much anything goes.  We're not carrying around a black light flashlight, but it's evident that a lot of love and a lot of DNA is being shared in Aspen.  The daily après ski jacuzzi party at The Limelight... Boy Soup is very well attended.  70 dudes in a jacuzzi that is designed for like 15 people...now that's a sight to see.

So really, Aspen's Gay Ski Week is no big deal.  The guys come, they party their a$$es off and then they go home. T.I.A. This is Aspen.

SICK PIX from GSW...Click:    BOY SOUP

On the music scene, we highly recommend you see The MARCHING FOURTH MARCHING BAND (M4).  The 17 member M4 has played 4 gigs in Aspen in the past 12 monthes.  M4 is the real deal, they combine drums, horns, strings and vocals in a circus-like ensemble that gets everyone fired up.  The stilted dancers and ornate vaudevillian-style costumes create a visual spectacle and a dance floor buzzzzzzzz.   This time the M4 show included a set from special guests DIEGO's UMBRELLA.  The San Francisco based gypsy-rock jam band got the crowd into a frenzy as the opening act.  Band members from both M4 and Diego's joined in with the audience to dance, jam and party.  My guess....they all got layed...it was another good night in Aspen.

See the sick pix, Click:   MARCH FOURTH in Aspen.

Boy Soup in Aspen for Gay Ski Week 2012. Click 4 sick pix.Madonna through the years at the Gay Ski Week parade in Aspen. Click 4 more pix.March Fourth Marching Band in AspenMarch Fourth brought the whole crew from Portland. Click 4 pix.When u are a BIG time blogger...u get to party with the band.

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