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Party Rockin' in Aspen for New Years

HAPPY NEW YEAR from AspenSpin.com   A Happy and healthy 2012 to y'all.  We are hoping for plenty of high times and powder snow in the  up-coming year.

Fireworks on Ajax. Photo by Juliano Sacramento. Click 4 his site.

Whew! So glad that's over. AspenSpin goes BIG all year long, so New Year's Eve is just another night for us.  Sure, New Year's is always a HUGE celebration in Aspen but we leave the super-sick, party-till-u-drop routine for the others.  Since Aspen's Bomb Threat in 08/09 NYE has never been the same.

For most people in Aspen the night consisted of 2 sets of fireworks, stumbling drunk tourists, over-priced, over-hyped parties in every available space, cheap champagne, expensive champagne and very little restraint.  We attended  2 sexy parties.  We got shut down by tons of hot chicks but we took some unbelievable pix (as always).  So click 'em.  See how some people roll for NYE in Aspen. 


We are sooooooooo fired up for 2012. Looking forward is our M.O.  We're #tebowing hard for POWDER here in Aspen.   Where ever you are, if you love Aspen, start doing your snow-dance, keep praying to Ullr...help us out. We are even considering human sacrifice...nobody important...just a rookie ski-tech.   The Western U.S. has been mostly devoid of POW this Winter, especially in the Rocky Mountains...unless you live in Boulder.  We heard Eldora is killing it.  So we need some weather ASAP.

Go HUGE in 2012. 


Christian co-hosted the Snow Leophard Party. Happy 2012. Clcik 4 Pix.5 girls for every 2 guys...those are good odds in Aspen. Click 4 pix.Late Night at the Stolen Robe and Lingerie Party on Red Mountain. Click 4 pix.Grrrrrr, baby. this guy was texting during the pic. WTF? Click for more pix.


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Looks like one heck of a time, smiling faces are always a good thing.

January 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJohn Howard

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