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Encinitas is Funky Town

The Surfing Madonna. Encinitas, Ca. Click 2 EnlargeEncinitas, California might just be the funkiest town in the United States.  The small coastal berg which is pushed up against the Pacific Ocean is home to about 60,000 residents many of whom are living in their vans.  Encinitas is made up of 5 distinct neighborhoods.  Historic Encinitas which runs along the famous 101 and borders the ocean. It's a small and super-funky beach inspired downtown.  New Encinitas is East of I-5 (so we've never  really been there) and is basically like any other suburban, strip mall lined town (Target, Bed Bath and Beyond , Walgreen's etc.)  Olivehain is also a bit inland and is mostly olive groves and has a more rural ranch-like setting. Bordering the 6 miles of pristine coastline are the beach blanket areas of Cardiff-by-the Sea (or simply Cardiff) which was named after the town in Wales and Leucadia, famous for its towering Eucalyptus trees.   Encinitas is 25 miles North of San Diego and about 100 miles south of L.A.  Other than surfers, skaters, tri-athletes and hippies; Encinitas is famous for its flowers...and its generally considered the poinsettia growing capital of the world.

Juanita's in Encinitas.There are some very cool places in Encinitas, but its the beach and the mild climate that attracts the most attention.  Consignment shops, used record stores, florists, bead vendors and funk inspired coffee shops and restaurants line the 101.  Swami's one of the most famous surf spots in the world is about 20 feet off the main road.  A-Spin always stops at Juanita's Taco Shop whenever we're in Encinitas.  Talk about funky--this place has bars on the windows, like a jail and apparently has never been cleaned. It's open from 7 am to 3 am. Juanita's serves the best carnitas in San Diego to a clientele ranging from bare-foot homeless surfers to Bentley driving billionaires.

Funky art is a big part of the overall vibe in Encinitas.  Recently an unusual, unauthorized and controversial gift of art was illegally mounted under a train trestle just east of Moonlight Beach.  THE SURFING MADONNA, a hand painted mosaic was attached to a concrete wall just before Earth Day by official looking workmen wearing jumpsuits and hard hats. No one was suspicious.  The  10' x 10' installation took place in broad daylight at an intersection that sees 18,000 cars per day.  The Surfing Madonna depicts Our lady of Guadalupe riding a surf-board with the inscription "Save the Ocean".  Tons of Encinitas residents and tourists think the Surfing Madonna is extremely cool.  She even has her own twitter account @SurfingMadonna. It's estimated that the mosaic contains at least $1000 of raw materials and took at least 100 hours to complete. 

The Cardiff kook having it's costume removed. Click 2 ENLARGE.Nice gift ---right? --but the artist and his henchmen remain silent.  Who created the Surfing Madonna is a big secret because even in funky Encinitas the politicians need to interject their 2 cents.  The Encinitas City Council is insisting that the piece be removed because it did not go through the proper public review process.  According to the City Fathers, The Surfing Madonna is considered graffiti and would set a terrible precident for other potential taggers.   The Council voted unanimously to remove the artwork from it's seemingly permanent spot under the bridge.  Not to appear to harsh, they allocated $2000 to conduct a study to ensure that the mosiac can remain in tact and find a home on private property.  Really?  Good Stuff?

An example of "city authorized" art is the surfing statue known as The Cardiff Kook.  The Kook gets its name because of his unorthodox and unwieldy surfing stance.  The Kook has become a place for good natured practical jokers to express themselves.  The Cardiff Kook has been dressed in many elaborate costumes since it became a reality about 2 years ago.  A huge paper mache shark's head was one of the best efforts.  Recently, The Kook was dressed as Oprah to honor her last show.  According to the city workers who are responsible for removing the costumes "it happens a lot....every holiday for sure".  If you stop by to see The Cardiff Kook...do yourself a favor...have a maple bar at VG's Bakery across the street...ask anybody--even Rob Machado.

Pretty Funky.

The Surfing Madonna in Encinitas, Ca. Unauthorized Art under the bridge.

 The Cardiff Kook without a costume. Cardiff-by-the-Sea.

Swami's Beach. One of sweet spots cited in Surfin' USA.

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Reader Comments (2)

Great article, but the Surfing Madonna is NOT PAINTED it is actually a real glass mosaic. :) and the authorized Cardiff Kook costs the city so much mobey because city workers have to clean up after the pranksters. Most townsfolk here agree that the Madonna should stay. A piece of it went missing a couple weeks ago and was mysteriously repaired. Save The Surfing Madonna is a page on Facebook. Check it out!

June 3, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDana Ralston

Thank you for sharing your news about Surfing Madonna.

To follow the Surfing Madonna find here on Facebook at
https://www.facebook.com/SurfingMadonna and on Twitter too http://twitter.com/#!/SurfingMadonna

June 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSurfing Madonna

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