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Breathe Right / Sleep Better

Breathe Right. Click to Enter Sweepstakes and Plant Trees.Living life at 8000 feet above sea level has its benefits...but it also comes with a few caveats.  Living at high altitude in Aspen took some getting used to for AspenSpin.  Several Winters ago, after coming down with a never ending case of the dreaded Aspen crud we discovered a simple over-the counter product that helps us Breathe Right, sleep better and combat nasel congestion... BREATHE RIGHT nasal strips. 

Click BREATHE RIGHT to enter their Sweepstakes, plant trees and maybe win a trip to Yosemite

Breathe Right nasal strips open your nose to help you breathe better so you can sleep better.  The "spring-like" bands gently lift nasel passages open to improve airflow up to 31%.   The Breathe Right strips helped A-Spin recover from the crud, reduced our snoring and led to a more restful sleep.  We also started wearing them to play hockey and even to ski.  We found that Breathe Right helped us to perform at a higher level, just like all the guys in the NFL.   Maybe you've seen us on a POW day with a band-aid like strip across our nose---that's right--when we're trying to maximize performance--we add a Breathe Right to our gear... it truly helps us excel.

POW Day w/ Breathe Right. Click to enter.Breathe Right contacted us to help spread the message about their fantastic sweepstakes running on their Facebook Page.  Breathe Right has teamed up with The Conservation Fund to plant trees in an attempt to reduce air pollution...one of the largest causes of nasal congestion.  For each photo added to the sweepstakes Breathe Right will donate $1 to The Conservation Fund so they can plant more trees.  There is also the Better Breathing Sweepstakes where you can win a FREE TRIP to YOSEMITE

Click Breathe Right to enter.


* AspenSpin received promtional considerations for this posting.


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Thanks for sharing such useful information. The information provided is very very niche and this information is not available so easily. Therefore I thank the writer for the useful input.

March 21, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterparvez

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