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Throw Down in A-Town

Aspen is a small town.  Sometimes you run into someone you can't stand.

Oh to be a fly on the wall at Cache Cache in Aspen when Lance Armstrong "bumped into" Tyler Hamilton.

Local sources in Aspen texted us a heads up about the  "heated exchange" that occurred between semi-local Armstrong and his rival Hamilton, who was visiting the glamorous resort town.  The former friends allegedly almost threw down near the rest room at the upscale restaurant and bar.  Its not the first time an argument has occurred at Cache Cache (appropriately pronounced Cash Cash).  It's usually a customer who's reservation got "lost" vs the management, or a Sugar Grand Dad vs Miss Right Now.  This time it was two of the most accomplished cyclists in the world face to face in the narrow, often over crowded bar area.

Lance Armstrong has a second home in Aspen, while Hamilton was in ZG to participate in Outside in Aspen a series of promotional events.  Our source was unsure if Lance's appearance at Cache Cache was pure coincidence or he got the word and quickly popped on his townie and sped over to initiate the contact.  It was no secret that Hamilton was in town, as advertising materials for Outside in Aspen touted the Olympic Gold Medalist and recent 60 Minutes interviewee.  See the original story on the OUTSIDE BLOG.  Kudos should go out to ACRA for devising such a viral PR campaign.  Best one since Charlie Sheen and the "most expensive town" stories.

Hopefully we'll find out what really happened, although we'll probably never really know.  The media has exploded the story and now the FBI is involved according to a report from the NY Daily News.   We're sure there's more to come

Lance was yoked in Aspen. Click to enlarge. Tyler Hamilton was in town 4 Outside in Aspen

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