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Brains over the Bay

Click for Web 2.0 pix
We thought the whole "geek squad" image of the High-Tech Industry was just a nasty stereo-type.  Now, Aspen Spin is among them. Just like Edgar Winter (see pix) some of them only come out at night.

Our internship in San Fran started at the Google I/O conference at the Moscone Center last week.  What an eye-opener for a small town boy!!!  3500 web engineers, developers, programmers,coders and analysts, plus Aspen Spin.  What time does the party start???

The brain power and tech savviness was apparent and palpable.  Actually it felt great to be the coolest guy in the room for once.  Many thanks to the few attendee's who actually looked up from their lappies to engage us in a conversation.  Tech-speak is a whole new language for us and we never really felt "in the flow".  One well-worn t-shirt caught our attention,  "will code for bananas", the well worn guy wore it two days in a row.

We want to thank GOOGLE for putting us in the loop and showing us the future of the internet.  We're already planning our customized Gadget for Open Social, and we tried out 1-800-GOOG-411--------Awesome!!  Click the WEB 2.0 pix to review the action.

Tonight we caught the SEX and the CITY movie -----along with 350 ladies.  San Fran has a lot of positives---right?.  The girlz at the Century Theatre gave it a standing O.  It's gonna be HUGE---women were watching it back-to-back-to-back, discussing the DVD release date in the lobby-- and every single show was sold out.  Our take---it's a vapid spectacle and completely watchable, although a little snoooozy.  A bit more depth wouldn't have hurt, with these fully developed characters-- but hey it's Hollywood.  They'll do $55 million this weekend.

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