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The Road to Snowmass

Double Black Noodle Bar at The Wildwood Snowmass. Tasty noodles!!AspenSpin doesn't get over to Snowmass much, but when we do we like to go HUGE.  

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The Road to Snowmass

We received a special invite to try the newest eatery in the Mass...Double Black Noodle Bar at The Wildwood. Mmmmmmm mmm, dat sh*t is goooood.  Affordable by Aspen standards Black Noodle Bar offers entrees in the $10-14 range.  A wide variety of Asian offerings made to order and served up hot and fresh in a newly renovated second floor space at The Wildwood.  Everything was delish..but I especially liked the Smoking Pig Bowl (look it up) and the Singapore Shrimp Bowl. The funky Japanese / Mountain decor is super-laid back and group friendly.  The space was designed by Ski Radical founder Carlton DeWoody.  Check it out: DOUBLE BLACK  NOODLE BAR.

Once again Carmelo and I got to crash at The Westin in Snowmass.  Slope side awesome-ness is how we like to roll.   The place was jumping with Orthopedic Surgeons,  all the Docs were at The Westin Snowmass for a conference.  The lobby bar, the pool , Jacuz and spa were all active. 

I don't ski Snowmass as often as I should. Jeeeeze this place rips. Duh?  Today, nobody was here and there was plenty of good clean family fun spread out over 94 trails and 3,332 acres.  We got up early and ripped several pristine groomers and had to experience only a few long traverses and lift rides. The highlight of the day was the wind-blown freshies in Hanging Valley after a short hike.  Some nice lines in there...and very few skiers.  What a fun day.

High Society in Snowmass. 10 years strong.We stopped by the new High Society showroom on the Snowmass Mall to chill with J. Flynn a founding partner.  Money can't buy class...but it can buy High Society snowboards, skis and clothing...right here on the Mall.  Yeaaaaaaaa High Society.

Snowmass Tourism threw a little shin-dig at the Ice Age Discovery Center to un-earth a 100,000 year old Mastodon tusk that had been preserved in a field jacket for months.  Paleontologist Tom Temme from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science cracked open the plaster and burlap field dressing to reveal another awesome fossil found near the Zeigler Reservoir in Snowmass.  Temme's lecture was fascinating and the Snowmass crowd gasped when the tip of the tusk was eventually revealed.   We were the first to lay eyes on the bone in over 100,000 years.  The Ice Age Discovery Center is certainly worth a perusal anytime you're on The Mall in Snowmass.   

Late night we hit the brand new bowling alley in Snowmass.  Slopeside Lanes was a pleasant surprise.  The well appointed and totally legitimate bowling alley is the real deal.  We rolled a few lines...chowed on some very tasty pub grub and even played the silver ball.   I haven't bowled since 2007, the time I out-rolled Brady Quinn at a charity function... just after he got drafted in the first round by the NFL's Cleveland Browns.  I knew immediately...after I blasted him on the lanes...that he would be an NFL bust.  Sorry B.Q.  Slopeside Lanes was fun and is a great addition the the Snowmass social scene.

Not a bad  little stay-cation.  Wheels Up.  Back to Aspen soon.    

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Snowmass Tourism at the Ice Age Discovery Center for the un-earthing of their latest discovery.Paleontologist Tom Temme of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science un-earths the 100,000 year old tuskSkiing in Snowmass...simply excellent.