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Coastal Maine and Acadia National Park.

This conversation happened in Portland, Maine.

Mainer:  Welcome to Maine.  We're open for business.

Me:         Thanks.

Mainer:    What do you think of The Pot City?

Me:          ya mon...i like the GREEN.

Mainer:     No Pot Land, the Pot City.

Me:           What?

Mainer:       Ya know?, the pot...where the boats go.

Me:           Oh oh oh...Portland?

Mainer:      Wheh ya headed?

Me:            Up North to Acadia.

Mainer:       Naaaath?   You mean Down East?

Me:             NO, we're heading North to Acadia.

Mainer:        Yeah Down East.

Me:              I guess so?  I thought it was North.

Mainer:        Yeah Naaath.  Whatevah?

Me:             Where else should we stop?

Mainer:        Free Pot.

Me:             Free Pot?  ( I pursed my lips and made a toking motion with my fingers).

Mainer:       No Free Pot, Free Pot you dolt.

Me:             Yeah man, I'm hip to Mary Jane.

Mainer:        No No Free Pot you idiot...where L.L. Bean comes from.

Me:              Oh, any good eats up there?

Mainer:        Yeah, try the Lobstah it's wicked good.

Me:              What else?

Mainer:        Watch our for the street con.

Me:            Street Con?  like crime?  3 card monty?

Mainer:      No No the street con. you imbicile. like con on the cob?

Me:          Oh you mean sweet corn?

Mainer:      Whatevah.

The Portland Headlight

Looking back at Sand beach, Acadia.Jordan Pond and The Bubbles.The marina at Bar Harbor.Atop Cadillac Mountain. 1530 ft straight up from the sea.Wagner making friends around the campfire.



Wagner befriended Steve...future councilman of Bucksport., Me.The Schwahtz's of Portland, Me.The lobby's were wicked good. 

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