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S-L Class of 1976 Rules (and SHS too).

Long live The COMMITTEE. Save the date for the 45th 8/7/21 40 years ago, 624 of us graduated from Southfield-Lathrup.  The year was 1976. The Bicentennial.   It was a beautiful time to come of age. A simpler time. Many of us from S-L have stayed friends and remain tight to this day.  

Click 4 Pix:  1976 Rules 

We formed a secret ad hoc committee.  With the help of Facebook and the support of a certain classmate who owns a posh country club we moved forward with purpose. To Blow your Face Out.

Mr. A. Party, a known partier, envisioned an old fashioned house party.  That optic came to fruition on August 6, 2016 at Tam O'Shanter Country Club in West Bloomfield, Michigan. We left no doubt.  We blew the roof off of Tam.

Click 4 Pix:  1976 RULES

6 months into planning, our cross town rival, Southfield High...got a little envious of our gig.  It came through the grape vine that the Blue Jays were peeved because they weren't included in our reunion. (really?) Yada yada yada.  We kept hearing  "we're not having a reunion".  So we invited them. What the hell? The more the merrier..right?  SHS accounted for 33% of the attendees and only 95% of the headaches. We loved having them. Great balloons by the way.   It all worked out.  Some of their grads even have internet now.  Actually it was a blast, I'm glad they came, it made the night...there I said it.

More than 325 souls from Southfield, circa 1976, collectively partied their A$$es off.

The faces all looked familiar...maybe a little puffier, with a few more wrinkles, and some extra lbs and plenty of gray hair.  In many cases...no hair at all. But all-in-all the Southfield-Lathrup Class of 1976 has stood up well to the test of time. I gotta say, The Chargers looked pretty good last night.  

Special gratitude goes out to Sheldon Yellen and Iris Fenton Yellen for hosting. Plus..they trusted me...and gave me the keys to Tam O'Shanter.  Marla Morochnick of SL 76 and Tam gets kudos for her F & B expertise.  She created a fantastic spread of classic Southfield-style eats.  Mindy Krigel, Reid Kay and Steve Katz all helped with music, Jam On, bro's.   Lisa Winkler posted some epic 1976 photos and is the newly named director of tunes for the next reunion.  3 cheers for Bill Bertakis for the photos, flash drives and his general planning excellence. Honors go out to Jack Reynaert for maintaining the data base and e-mail list. He produced the AWESOME name tags. Of course special thanks to award winning film-maker Jeff Schoenberg for the great video.  Most of all...I want to give accolades to me, Andy-Party...a.k.a. AspenSpin, for producing the greatest reunion of all time BOOM!! (drops mic.)  

Oh yeah...how can I forget an atta boy to the crew from Southfield High.  Good effort. Nice job. You get a a t-shirt and a cool trophy for participating.  Just Kidding.  Fire Up, Blue Jays for 2021. 

The vibe was electric.

It really was a giant House Party.  We had a lot of laughs and the memories were sweet ones.  It was a night to remember.   Save the date 8/7/21 for the 45th.


1976 RULES

Glantz's parents went to the mail box...so we threw a party. Just like in 1976.

Night Moves around 2 a.m. What happens at Tam, stays at Tam.

The Low Lifers (a term of endearment) came out in full force.A few Southfield High foxes stuck around for the after party.The Home Coming Court.A Wing, B Wing, C Wing , D Wing. everybody was there.

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