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5 Reasons to Love Detroit

Over the past 5 years downtown Detroit has experienced an unprecedented resurgence, returning the gilded business core to prominence and creating a positive energy throughout the region.  Detroit is on its way back.  Its an unprecedented comeback and its great to be part of it.

These are my 5 favorite reasons to love Detroit. 

Photo: AspenSpin1  The Architecture.

Detroit is rich with significant architectural gems from the late 19th century and early 20th century.  Enduring examples of Art Deco, Neo-Classical, Neo-Gothic, Gothic Revival and Neo- Renaissance styles designed by prolific architects such as Albert Kahn, Louis Kamper and Gordon Lloyd dot Detroit’s landscape.   Standouts include The David Stott Building (1929), The Penobscot Building (1928), The Guardian Building (1929), the Book Tower (1926) and The Fisher Building (1928).   

2) The Eastern Market. 

Detroit’s historic Eastern Market traces its roots back to 1841.  The Eastern Market is a 4.5 acre site filled with flowers, produce, exotic foods and some of the best people watching in Detroit.  On a typical Saturday more than 45,000 people and about 150 businesses help create a vibrant scene.  It’s the largest open air flower bed market in North America…so the smells are very sweet.

Courtesy Photo


3) The Slow Roll. 

In its 5th season, Slow Roll is a slow paced, community bicycle ride through the streets of the Motor City.   Every Monday Slow Roll brings together a group of up to 3000 participants.   Slow Roll founder Jason Hall called the ride “diversity at its best”.  All ages, all skill levels and every type of bike are welcome at Detroit’s Slow Roll.  Slow Roll has expanded into a global network of community rides…and proves the relatively new adage “Detroit hustles harder”.

Courtesy Photo

4) Lafayette Coney Island. 

It’s kind of funny that Detroit’s most iconic food item is named after Coney Island.   Simply stated…a Coney Island is a natural casing hot dog smothered in spicy chilli, yellow mustard and diced raw onions served on a steamed bun.  Like the cheesesteak is to Philly…the coney is to Detroit.  There are a plethora of Coney Island restaurants throughout the Detroit area.    In my opinion…the best of the best is the historic Lafayette Coney Island, originally established by the Keros family in 1914.  Coney dogs may be an acquired taste…but Detroiter’s love ‘em.  In my opinion, Lafayette is best enjoyed after a sporting event or a late night out on the town.  There is something special about pounding a “two on one” with everything (two coneys on one plate) after midnight.   Lafayette is open 8 am to 4 am, 365 days a year.  

Photo: AspenSpin


5) The People  

Detroiters are an extremely proud, friendly and spirited group.  Detroit often gets a bad rap in the media…in many cases for good reason.  With a long history of crime, political corruption and poverty, Detroit experienced an especially severe economic decline including a substantial population loss during the great recession.  Detroiters are nothing if not tough…so people persevered through the difficult times and the City is now on the upswing.  The downtown core is thriving.  The passion and pride that Detroiters display for their home is off the charts.   For the first time in generations people are proud to be from Detroit.  As more and more people return to the city proper to live, work and play, the news keeps getting better and better for Detroit.   Always a culturally diverse city, Detroit is expanding in ways that most natives never thought was possible.   We now have a burgeoning tech and start-up scene in Detroit. Entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Detroit.  Our prolific art, creative and music culture is expanding rapidly.  The people of Detroit are powering an amazing comeback.  

Courtesy Photo

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