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Aspen Sports Summit

Aspen is one of the fittest towns in the World.   Locals around here take their sporting lives very seriously. It's been said that in Aspen...there is no recreational division.  


The Aspen Sports Summit brought together health, fitness and sports medicine professionals from across America to educate and inform athletes of all shapes and sizes.  Presented by Bill Fabrocini and The Aspen Club, The Aspen Sports Summit (website) was an educational event attended by a wide variety of participants. Leaders from all facets of the fitness industry were on hand as speakers, coaches and participants.   The Aspen Sports Summit provided continuing education credits for professional fitness trainers and physical therapists.  The line-up of speakers was phenomenal including M.D.'s, pro athletes and movement experts. It was a hands on conference with plenty of opportunities to stretch it out and try new exercises. Fabrocini and his fellow presenters made it clear that posture and movement are key elements in getting the maximum performance out of your body and preventing injuries.  Click here to see the list of speakers

The event was held at the posh Doerr-Hosier Center on the Campus of The Aspen Institute.  In addition to the mission of education, Aspen Sports Summit raised funds and awareness for it's philanthropic partners MERCY & SHARING and THE MARSHALL DIRECT FUND.    Mercy and sharing works with kids in Haiti, while Marshall Direct  educates and empowers women in 3rd world countries.

By all measures, Aspen Sports Summit was a rousing success.  Education with Mission...the stated objective of the conference was exceeded.  Attendees learned about the human body, the philosophy and science behind an effective exercise and fitness routine and how important that is to leading a full and productive life.  The flow of information and the sharing of ideas was front and center at Aspen Sports Summit.

Thanks to Bill Fabrocini and The Aspen Club for providing a great forum to learn and grow.  We are already looking forward to next year.   


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