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Independence Pass by Paul W. Harris

Paul W. Harris author of Independence Pass.When my friend and local Aspen author Paul W. Harris first pitched me on his "possibly true" story of bank robbers, blackmail and Aspen in the late 1880's I was intrigued.  Mr. Harris is one of the most eloquent ski instructors in Aspen.  He has a talent for vividly describing the movements and skills associated with skiing. He is one of the best guys on the mountain at verbalizing the sport.  I was confident in Paul's ability to spin a great yarn.  I looked forward to seeing his finished product.

When INDEPENDENCE PASS was published I was very excited for Paul.  His dream, his story, his project was a reality.  When I first cracked the book I was excited to see what Paul had produced.

Independence Pass exceeded my expectations in every way.  Harris wound a story around a young Irish transplant, Daniel Carrington and his exploits in Aspen.  Harris' accessible story telling style made the characters come to life.  Aspen in the late 1880's plays a major role in this exciting tale of love, silver money, greed, murder and blackmail in the old West. While Aspen has changed greatly since 1889...some of the buildings and the natural environment has not changed at all. Harris bridges the gap with aplomb. The easy reading novel is highly reccomended.

Congratulations to Paul W. Harris on his first book.   I enjoyed it greatly.  I can't wait for the follow up.


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