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The Supreme Court agrees... Aspen GSW is Legit.

Detroit Muscle: This Michigan Couple will be testifying before the U.S. Supreme Court to support same-sex marriage.It was breaking news last Friday when the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to take on the issue of Gay Marriage.  The highest court in the land will determine if same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry.

Click 4 Pix.  ASPEN GSW 2015

Here in Aspen, where almost everything is legal...or at least tolerated, Aspen Out hosted the 38th annual Gay Ski Week, Aspen (GSW).  Aspen has been supporting sexual freedom for a lot longer than 38 years, but GSW began here in 1976. Aspen's GSW is the first, and I believe still the largest and clearly the best of all the gay ski weeks.   Aspen is located in Pitkin County generally considered the most liberal county in Colorado and arguably the most liberal county between New York and California...so it's a natural fit.  4000+  boyz (and a few girlz) come to Aspen every January..to let their collective hair down and party with complete freedom and pride.

This year's GSW appeared to be especially fun.  Tons of well-dressed, well groomed (except fot the "lumber-sexuals"...google it) well heeled dudes were all over town.  Friendship dinners, shopping sprees, art openings, EDM dance parties and more.

Everybody loves a parade.AspenSpin covered some of the GSW events to snap some sick pix. As always the Downhill Costume Competition on Aspen Mountain's  Little Nell ski run on was a highlight.   The culmination of GSW was "GayWatch"...the pool party at the Aspen Recreation Center (ARC).   600 guys in speedos...and not one back hair in the joint.   AspenSpin was blown away (no pun intended) by the scene we encountered at the ARC.  The photos will give you some idea.  In public,  it was all good clean fun.  In private...who knows...legend has it that the GSW crew are dogs, just like straight men, and they are known to rutt like animals.

An observation, its refreshing when the GSW guests are so much nicer, friendlier and more respectful than the guests Aspen attracts during the holiday season.  Some of the guys ski and ride.   Lots of them party very hard and most of them spend, spend , spend.   So everybody in town is happy.

Next is X Games abd hopfully some freshies.  

Click 4 pix.  ASPEN GSW 2015.  Like'em, tag'em, and share'em

Miss Richfield 1981 greeted the Pitkin County Sheriff, Joe DiSalvo.

The Aspen Club was pumped to be stoked."GayWatch...the pool party at the Aspen Recreation Center.

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