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Yoga at 11,212 feet.

I've recently started doing Yoga for Skiers (and snowboarders) on top of Aspen Mountain.  It only took me 11 years to discover the benefits of doing yoga to start my ski day.

Yoga for skiers is the brain-child of Kate Giampapa and Jane Gottleib who somehow talked Aspen Ski Co. into offering free yoga at the Sundeck at 9.30 on Tues, Thurs and Sat. .  It's been going on for at least two years...maybe longer.  I recently gave Yoga for Skiers a try and all I can say is WOW.

After 110 ski days my hammies are pretty tight, my gluts are worked and my knees are tired. On a recent Tuesday, I decided to give mountain top yoga a try.  In addition to the obvious benefits of stretching, I also truly enjoyed stripping down to my long under-wear in front of 50 hot chicks.  It was extremely liberating and not creepy at all.

As a culmination to the long yoga season, Yoga for Skiers organized a special session with Simon Park a well known professional yogini from Philly.  About 75 people showed up early on Saturday morning to do Yoga at 11,212 feet.  Spirits were high, the music was kickin',  LuLu was out in force and of the 75 attendee's...65 of them were sleek, stylish, beautiful, athletic women.   So it was off with the outer wear and onto the mat for A. Party.  For the 3rd time in one week, bro???

I've come to realize that the Yoga for Skiers gets my blood flowing, it stretches out my tired joints and muscles and gives me a natural energy boost that really helps my skiing. I have yet to fully embrace the whole spiritual aspect of my practice, ooooooommmmm...but I do like to stretch and I love the girl-to-guy ratio.  I'm still eating cheetos for breakfast...but now I'm addicted to Yoga for Skiers.  



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