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The Perfect Weekend

When it's dumping A. Party always heads to Uncle Wiggley's Tree Farm.As everyone in Aspen knows, especially those in the 22-30 age demographic...going hard is a lifestyle. The past few days defined;

THE PERFECT WEEKEND. (click 4 pix).

Andy Party of AspenSpin has been known to ski every day and party every night.  This week proved again, that it can be done.  After 7 days in a row my legs finally ran out of juice,  so I took a day off to blog.  It was a great week and the perfect weekend.  Monday and Wednesday were two of the best non-POW days of the season (in my opinion).  Tuesday and Thursday were warm and overcast with very flat light.  Friday served up the kind of ski day that I love so much.  It snowed hard and heavy all day.  You couldn't see sh*t...unless you stayed in the trees (which I did).  It was a fantazmo day in the woods...not too many people around either, Ajax was empty.  Fresh tracks all day...with free re-fills.  It kept snowing into the night.  Flights were f*#ked up.  All told we're calling it a full 12" of freshies a.k.a  A footy.   Saturday morning broke clear and sunny.  A. Party despite a drought of lactic acid showed up in line at 8.15.  Fresh POWDER and bluebird skies are a powerful combination.

Throw in the spring break crowd.  The Blitzenbanger Bash from KSPN (it's 45th year I believe) the #freeskierfest a full-on stag party and on Sunday morning legit bagels and lox flown in from NYC and  you  pretty much have it all.  The perfect weekend.

Heavy Snow all day Friday begat a perfect bluebird POW day on Saturday.KSPN's 45 the annual Blitzenbanger Bash brought out the partiers.A full scale stag party in Aspen. What else is new??

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