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Inside AspenSpin's SWAG BAG.

Everybody wants to get blown up virally on AspenSpin.com.  People offer to send us stuff all the time. Adult diapers, snuggies, furs etc,etc.  Every once in a while we get pitched on a product that sounds good.  The P.R. peeps seem to find AspenSpin. In the past two weeks we have received some really cool stuff from a variety of sources   A.Party is not that technical and sometimes we cant even figure out how to open the boxes, so we are a little behind on our product reviews.   We apologize for our tardiness but it's been pretty crazy skiing every day and partying every night.  We do love the free stuff...so listed below are the best of the best from AspenSpin's SWAG BAG.  *AspenSpin received promotional considerations for this post.

NOKIA LUMINA 1520:  Admittedly I am still trying to figure out how to use this sick, sick  state of the art smart phone.  With a large 6 inch touch screen and 1080 X 1920 pixel resolution...the Lumina 1520 is really a hand held computer.  I have not watched a TV show or movie yet...but I'm looking forward to giving that a go.  The camera is hot, hot , hot and comes with Carl Zeiss optics.  The Windows operating system is easy to use for most people.   If you see me staring at my screen, trying to figure out how to proceed...be nice...I'm in the remedial class.  I love the gnarly yellow too.  Check it out here: NOKIA LUMINA 1520











HP / VISTA QUEST ACTION CAM:  As I explained to the guys at HP/Vista Quest...A.Spin has not really embraced the video revolution.  A.Party may have invented the selfie...but video scares me.  It's not that easy to produce compelling video content...but i'm trying.  The HP/ Vista Quest is a sweet set-up.  It has full 1080p video capabilities and comes with a wireless wrist-watch remote control along with wi-fi and smart phone apps.  The camera has a beefy water-proof case and various mounting apparatus that make it a great action cam for skiing, ocean sports and basically anything action oriented that you can think of.  I'm working on capturing some interesting vids to post and share.  Get the specs here; HP/ VISTA QUEST


PAX by PLOOM: The Pax by Ploom is the World's most pocketable premium loose-leaf vaporizer.  Pax is a finely designed product that allows you to vaporize your tobacco products anywhere...especially in Colorful Colorado.  Pax heats but never burns your product to create a tasty and satisfying vapor.  Since the product never actually burns...there is no smoke or second hand smoke...just vapor. So Vape out in public.  Pax employs a refined and compact design that easily fits in your pocket.   Ploom from San Francisco has figured out the perfect, easy-to-use way for you to enjoy your smokeables.  Learn more about Pax or buy your own; click PAX by PLOOM   













HEALTHY JOINTS for LIFE:  Healthy Joints for Life (in just 8 minutes) is a great book about joint health written by Richard Diana M.D. an orthopedic surgeon at Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Diana's book breaks down how to take care of your body in simple terms. He explores joint inflammation, how to avoid it, as well as foods and supplements to help keep your joints healthy.  He provides a simple plan for exercise and stretching that are helping me to stay surgery free.  Today's my 97th ski day this season...so i can assure you that Dr. Diana's plan works.  Buy the book here:  Healthy Joints for Life.

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