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Revo Sunglasses: Love For Your Eyes.

Everybody knows that AspenSpin skis every day (and parties every night) with prescription glasses on.

Yeah, bro...I need to see it before I ski it. Getting your eyeballs dialed in with the proper equipment is probably the most crucial factor contributing to a great ski day. Even more important than skis and boots and poles.

When Revo Sunglasses originally hit the market in 1985, they were the most advanced sports sun glasses on Earth. Using proprietary technology developed by NASA, REVO revolutionized the world of eye-wear and sun protection for action sports participants.  The combination of Revo's high contrast polarized lens technology and their light, durable and stylish frames were unparalleled at the time.  I remember getting my first pair of Revo's back then...the iconic "water lenses".  The optical precision built into REVO SUNGLASSES changed my life.   I could see everything in sharper detail and as long as I kept my Revo's on a leash...I could do everything...all the sports that I loved without wearing contacts. I could see better...and I didn't even realize I still had my glasses on.

Fast forward to today. REVO is back.  After being purchased by Oakley and then bouncing around the labs of parent company Luxotica...the world's largest optical company...Revo is back as an independent brand. Revo has always been and continues to be on the forefront of the innovation in the industry. Revo is still known to produce the best sports sunglasses on the planet.  Their proprietary materials, design and manufacturing  process are still second to none. Innovation is a core value of Revo Sunglasses and they continue to be on the cutting edge.

How does AspenSpin hook-up with Revo?  The action sports world is very small.  I was trolling the SIA (Ski Industries of America) convention floor looking for swag...and who do I run into?  My old pal from NYC, Cliff D, Robinson, President of B. Robinson...a third generation, family owned and operated full service optical manufacturer.   B. Robinson formed in 1926, recently acquired Revo Sunglasses to add to their arsenal of optical brands.  Cliffie is a living testament to his family's reputation for honesty, integrity, dedication and devotion to one-to-one service.  Revo is in good hands with Cliff Robinson and B. Robinson.

So REVO is BACK.   I recently tried out my new Revos while hiking the Highland Bowl at Aspen Highlands. At 12,392 feet above sea level...you need equipment that you can count on.  I specifically need 100% of my visual acuity.  My Revo prescription shades did the trick.  The Revo combination of super light, durable frames and superior optics helped me to see and protected my eyes from the sun. It was a spectacularly clear and bluebird day in Aspen and my Revo's performed like the champions that they are. 

AspenSpin sends good luck to Cliff, B. Robinson and the entire Revo team.  Revo Sunglasses are currently available at Sunglass Hut in Aspen and at other fine optical stores around the world.

Click to see the REVO COLLECTION 

Reunited and it feels so good. Cliff D. Robinson, President of B. Robinson the new owner of Revo Sunglasses.Yeah...I take my eye wear seriously. Revo Sunglasses performed like champs at Aspen Highlands Bowl.The View from the top. Maroon Bells and Pyramid Peak. another spectaular Colorado Bluebird day.


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