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Join SICKTRIX today. Click Here.Do you have the skills to pay the bills?  Do you have style for miles?  SickTrix is a new social media landing place for all action sports athletes and fans.  SickTrix is the social hub to post all the sick content you create. You can see what others are creating and vote for the sickest sh*t.

SICKTRIX makes it simple to share action sports videos and photos.  Once you've created some ultra-sick action sports content, SickTrix is the place to CONNECT, POST, VOTE and RAP.  SickTrix consolidates everythig in one easy to use site.  You can post your stuff, vote on it, chat about it and stay connected to the action sports that you love.  Best of all, it's totally free.

Skate, Surf, Snow, BMX and all the other action sports content that you want is all consolidated in one central location at SickTrix.com.  Not only can you share your own vids and get immediate feedback from the crowd...but you can see what the other guys are doing too.  The crowd doesn't lie.  If you capture some sick vid...post it to SickTrix and see if it really is the sickest.

Our friends at the Sports-Ent Co. in Denver have been cruising around Colorado in their SickTrix Airstream trailer activating the brand.  They are passing out t-shirts, hats, stickers and even a few checks. SickTrix has sponsored the "sickest trick" competitions by offering cash prizes at several on-snow comps.  Maybe you've seen them at X Games, Dew Tour or Big Air in Aspen.   Look for the SickTrix airstream, pick up some swag and join the crowd.

Sign up today at: SICKTRIX

If you really have the sickest trick in your bag. Maybe you too can grab a check from SickTrix.

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