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Bootsy Bellows blows the roof off Aspen

The Aspen club scene, always hyper-competitive, just has a new BIG TIME baller at the top of the list.

It's always a booty call at Bootsy Bellows Aspen.

Click 4 Pix: Bootsy Bellows

Bootsy Bellows Aspen, an off-shoot of the famous West Hollywood Club owned by David Arquette and pals has set up in Aspen.  The West just got a lot wilder and Restaurant Row in Aspen may never be the same. Situated in the former Syzygy space (very posh) just beneath Ute City Grill at 308 E. Hyman, Bootsy Bellows Aspen has immediately imposed it's formidable presence on Aspen's night-life.

Bootsy's is intimate and classy.  They bring in celebrity DJ's, celebrity bar-tenders and best of all celebrity clientele.  Most importantly for Aspen... the hottest chicks and the richest guys have been populating the VIP banquettes at Bootsy's since the place opened on New Year's.  David Arquette and The Hollywood group were in town to help kick-off the bacchanalia.

The most desireable people in Aspen always hit Bootsy Bellows.  The L.A. players aren't always in Colorado (it is awards season) so Bootsy Bellows Aspen has a kick-a$$ staff to handle all your night-life needs.   Chief doorman Kim Hanson keeps the flow going at all times.  The best way to experience Bootsy Bellows Aspen is to "step up" and go for bottle services.  I'm not sure of the price list...but it this ain't Kansas...so be prepared to spend.   Rip some hundy's off your roll, cash in your T-bills or just do it the old fashioned way...slap down the plastic...but get yourself in the private seating next to the dance floor.  

Luckily, A. Party has some pull at the door...but it's advised to arrive at Bootsy Bellows early.  Better yet schedule a dinner because once the avalanche of partying starts...it does not stop.  Bootsy Bellows goes hard all night (till 2 a.m.).  Whether you're looking for a hot young thing in a barely there skirt or a distinguished hedge fund manager who works out...Bootsy's has it.  As far as places to see and be seen in Aspen....Bootsy Bellows is the top spot of the moment.

Tell 'em AspenSpin sent you.  

Click 4 pix:  BOOTSY BELLOWS 

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