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ElJet Aviation...you deserve to fly private.

AspenSpin serves the public as an "un-official on-line ambassador" to Aspen, Colorado.  A-Town is a pretty upscale place, so we get tons of inquiries about private air travel to and from Aspen.    While we don't get to fly private very often...we do know a lot of people who do. Countless times we've been riding in the Aspen gondola when people ask about booking a private flight.  Now we have a great recommendation for them, and it's only one click away... ElJet.

ElJet Aviation has become our go-to service provider in the private jet charter space.  ElJet has access to over 4000 planes that fly into 15,000 airports domestically and internationally.  ElJet can get you any plane at any time to go almost anywhere. Since 2006, Eljet has delivered luxury, safety and quality at a competitive price. ElJet has developed an expertise in empty legs a.k.a "deadhead flights".  Eljet pairs passengers with these empty legs to create value for everyone.  The aircraft owner eliminates a non-revenue producing route and the passenger saves.  Everybody wins with ElJet.

Click  Elegant, Elevated, ElJet  or call 888-355-3538

I especially like the 60 second quote function on ElJet's web site. It's fast and easy to use. Click, Elegant, Elevated, El Jet to reserve your ride or to research routes and costs.  ElJet prides themselves on service and safety.  Their vast network of planes allows you to book exactly what you want and when you want it.  ElJet provides you with the ultimate assets of convenience and flexibility.  You decide when to shout WHEELS UP.  Say there's a siiiiiiiiick POW day in the forecast and you want to stick around Aspen to shred like the locals on a Monday... ElJet can get you where you're going, in style...and on your schedule.

For me, flying private is the ultimate in luxury because I love to travel with my dog.  I can't think of anything better than bringing my best friend along on a trip at 30,000 feet.  Check out the recently announced Sizzling Summer Specials wth flights between L.A. and Las Vegas starting at $3,499.  Aspen is just a hop, skip and jump away from L.A. or Vegas.  My suggestion, as always...go BIG & go private... you deserve it.

It's not just rock stars, pro athletes, actors, titans of business, heads of state and trustafarians who fly private.   You can too.   Obviously flying private is a premium service...above first class, but who deserves it more than you and your family & friends.  Luxury, safety and quality...what more can you ask for.  Click or call ElJet for all your private travel needs.

To reserve, Click:  ELJET AVIATION.

 *AspenSpin received promtional consideration for this post.






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