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Aspen Santa Fe Ballet: To Russia with Love.

The World Famous Aspen Santa Fe Ballet is expanding their horizons.  A traveling company of virtuoso dancers from Aspen Santa Fe Ballet (ASFB) is embarking tomorrow on an adventure to Moscow for a series of performances.  Led by Artistic Director Tom Mossbrucker and Executive Director Jean-Phillipe Malaty a troupe of artists from ASFB will be performing in the cradle of classical ballet...Russia.

Click 4 Pix:  To Russia with Love

Caribou Club, Aspen Sojourner and Stoli Vodka hosted a send off party for ASFB: To Russia with Love.  The ASFB Dancers, their supporters along with friends and family joined together for caviar and vodka at Caribou Club. The well attended but intimate affair served as a loving bon voyage for the troupe.  All the dancers are super-excited for their 5500 mile journey.  According to Malaty...more than a year of hard work, red tape and political wrangling was required to make the AFSB trip to Russia a reality.   "All the travel visas came through and we're ready to go" he shared with the revelers.  Word has it that the U.S. Ambassador to Russia will attend the opening show in Moscow.

So we wish the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet safe travels and a fantastic experience in Moscow.  We send you off To Russia with Love.  Show 'em how it's done... Aspen-style... NA ZDOROVIE (pronounced Nostrovia..or CHEERS!!!).

Click 4 Pix:  To Russia with Love

To Russia with Love with The Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. Click for pix.AFSB Artistic Director Tom Mossbrucker with the dancers. Click 4 pix.To Russia with Love. A send off for Aspen Santa Fe Ballet at Caribou Club. Click 4 pix.Billy and the gang at To Russia with Love for Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. Click 4 pix.J-P Malaty, Nancy Mayer from Aspen Sojourner and Tom Mossbrucker. Click 4 pix.

 Nostrovia...Cheers!!! Good luck in Russia. ASFB. Click 4 pix.

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