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BIG Pow / HUGE Laughs: One Day in Aspen

Aspen Laff Fest. Click 4 tix.It was one of those days that is quintessentially Aspen. Non stop action. We experienced the best POW Day of the season (without question) followed by the opening night of The 2013 ASPEN LAFF FESTIVAL.

Click 4 pix:  ASPEN LAFF FEST.

Overnight...it snowed like a mofo, like the old days in Aspen (before climate change).  Fat, fluffy, powdery snow flakes fell in abundance to the tune of 10+ inches on Aspen Mountain.   All the usual suspects were lined up at the Gondola for an early opening.   First car took off at about 8.45 (15 minutes early).Pent up demand at the Gondy

Those of us that "got some"  got it good.  Fat skis were recommended.  It was a BIG day for AspenSpin, as we found some new spots on Ajax...after 1000 ski days. Face to 6, first tracks down Bear Paw, first one's in on Silver Queen and Perry's, but that was not enough.  We finally found our way into Spar Dumps...new terrain that opened last year...but due to a dirth of snow...is not open very often.  It was open today...and it was siiiiiiiiiick. "Nipple deep" in spots.  Then A. Party got a guided tour of Pandora's Box...an infamous run off the backside of Aspen Mountain.  Honestly...I usually skip Pandy's...mainly because of it's history of death, destruction and avalanche danger...today I went for it.  Of course...I crushed it...and no humans were injured in the pursuit of POW.

After an exhilarating, challenging and tiring POW Day I was fully spent.  My usual inclination is to curl up on the couch and veg.  Not tonight.  At 4.30 The Wheeler Opera House was throwing a kick-off party for the 3rd annual Aspen Laff Festival.  How could I miss that?  I love The Wheeler and Aspen Laff Fest. is one of my favorite events of the year.  I peeled off my ski clothes, took a long hot shower, cowboy-ed up to eat, drink and laugh my a$$ off.  

Aspen Laff Fest. continues Friday & Saturday Night. 

Click for Info and tix.  ASPEN LAFF FESTIVAL.

Marion Grodin...dates outside her species.The kick-off party at The Limelight was sweeeet.  Several of the Big-time comics were on hand to supply laughs as a warm-up for the actual opening night shows.  MARION GRODIN..."I get a very Jew-ie vibe from you" led off with a very funny set.  She picked on everyone in sight including Aspen, rich people etc and then she started burning individual audience members.  She asked one lady, "do you own a place in Aspen?".  The ancient woman replied "we rent".  Without missing a beat...Marion frowned and zinged "i'm sorry" and went on a diatribe about how rich and beautiful everyone is in Aspen. Marion also admitted to "dating outside her species".

BOBBY SLAYTON who headlines the Friday night show did a quick intro & warm-up for COLIN QUINN. Slayton explained how his wife's vagina accepts American Express..."thats why its shaped like an ATM" he shared. Quinn who is famous for his stint on SNL and other TV shows is currently doing a one-man show that premiered on Broadway, Long Story Short directed by Jerry Seinfeld.  His "brainy,acerbic political scourgings" had the audience in an uproar.  His takes on bullying and the U.S. Constitution were hilarious.

After that...A. Party hit the rack...hard.

More comedy is on tap at the ASPEN LAFF FESTIVALClick 4 Pix.

Tommy O. & Robby Rob leading the Pandy's PowPow Posse.                                               Colin Quinn of SNL Fame held court at the 2013 Aspen Laff Fest Make Me Laugh. The 2013 Aspen Laff Festival. Click 4 pix.. 

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