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Aspen Scream

Aspen is a costume town.  At the drop of a hat, the locals want to dress up.  Whether its opening day or closing day or St. Paddy's Day or Valentine's Day or Ground Hogs Day.  If its a day, Aspen locals want to break out the fantasy garb.  Halloween is always a wild time in Aspen, sort of like New Year's Eve for the locals.  2013 was no exception.  There are very few tourists in town...so the place just goes kind of haywire.  The costumes are top notch.

See the pix, Click  ASPEN SCREAM.

In conjunction with Halloween...one of our town's Most Valuable Partiers...Kori Davidson celebrated a milestone birthday with an intimate private party at Casa Tua. After sucking the marrow out of that party,  A-Spin made a quick stop at the Sky Hotel.  Drinks were flowing like the swallows flocking to Capistrano...or the German's invading Pearl Harbor...or whatever.

We capped the night off at the infamous Caribou Club.   The place was so packed that I had a panic attack and no one even noticed.   Sexy cops, sexy squaws, sexy teachers, sexy nurses, Miley Cyrus, sexy cats...they were all there.   The freezing temps outside did not stop the Aspen ladies from wearing body suits, fishnets, mini skirts...or whatever it took.  Most revelers left their inhibitions at the door.

It was a great night.   After 11 Halloweens... it's safe to say, costumed Aspenites like to get busy with Izzy.  Yeeeeah Baby!!!!!.

Click for pix:  ASPEN SCREAM

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