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Suerte Tequila fiestas en Aspen

Suerte Tequila threw a raging apres ski fiesta at Skier's Chalet in Aspen.  Tacos and Tequila....count me in.

Click 4 pix:  SUERTE FIESTA

Suerte Tequila is based in Boulder, Colorado but the product is hand-crafted in small batches in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Suerte is a premium tequila made from 100% pure blue agave and then double distilled.  Founded in March 2012 by Lance Sokol and Laurence Spiewak, Suerte (luck in Spanish) has developed 3 super-smooth varietals, Blanco, Respondo and Anejo. A boutique Colorado brand, Suerte teamed up with the BIG Guns for their fiesta in Aspen... Sabato Sagaria and Carlton McCoy of The Little Nell and Jimmy Yeager owner of Jimmy's.  It was Monday funday at the tequila and taco event at Skier's Chalet.  

AspenSpin digs the Suerte "lucky rabbit" logo.  Click their site to explore the rabbit's art work and its significance, and to find out where to score the premium tequila:  www.DrinkSuerte.com

2 ladies, 3 bottles of Suerte Tequila and a chain saw. Tatsuno in his element. Click 4 pix.Skier's Chalet is a "historic place" in Aspen at the base of lift 1A. Skier's Chalet was formerly a ski condo and a steak joint that thrived in Aspen for more than 50 years.  For the last 10 years developers have been fighting and greed mongering for more F.A.R. and bigger profits. Dirt has yet to move and the wrecking ball is inevitable...but today thanks to Suerte....we party.  Currently the old Skier's Chalet building is a make shift ski bum's commune and a dormitory-like home to some of the rippingest skiers & riders in Aspen.  Hardly fancy... Skier's Chalet is a great spot for a party.

Lance and Laurence supplied the tequila, Jimmy brought his chain saw and his band saw to carve B.F.I.C. (big f-ing ice cubes), The Little Nell brought the tacos...and everyone had a blast.  The room filled up quickly once the bar opened.  Thanks Suerte.  Boa sorte para os meus novos amigos no Suerte Tequila.

Drink responsibly....and stay lucky.   Drink Suerte.

Just a little warm up sesh before X Games.


Lance Sokol and Laurence Spiewak, co-founders of Suerte Tequila brought their premium goods to Aspen. Click 4 pix.Jimmy employed 2 types of saws to create his signature BFIC ice cubes. Click 4 pix.Fiesta Time at Skier's Chalet...thanks to Suerte Tequila. Click 4 pix.


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