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The V.I.P.-ness. Jazz Aspen / Snowmass 2012

KID ROCK kicked A$$. Click 4 pix.It was another beautiful Labor Day Weekend in Snowmass for the 22nd annual Jazz Aspen / Snowmass Music Festival. 

This is based on a true story.


ASPEN SPIN:  do you know who I am?

SECURITY GUARD:   yeah..you're Aspen Spin.  You have the wrong wrist band.

ASPEN SPIN:  do you see this big-time sticker on my chest?  it says "Press".

SECURITY GUARD:  Sorry son,  not tonight.

ASPEN SPIN:  you're kidding...right?

SECURITY GUARD:  no...I'm not.

Despite having improper credentials Andy Party got some pretty siiiiiiiiiick shots.  Click the links below to see the best ones.

Jazz Aspen/Snowmass is a great event.  It's a well-oiled machine.  The outdoor venue is fantastic. It's a wide open expanse (except for tons of barricades and storm fences) in the shadow of Snowmass Mountain.  The festival experience still lives in Snowmass. 

I could write a dissertation about the 5 levels of VIP lounges,  the 15 types of wrist bands and the hierarchical social status of the fest...but that's already been done by Lorenzo Semple in the Aspen Daily News.  I could type glowing and effusive reviews of the all the artists like Stewy the music guru at The Aspen Times.   I could drink my face off and stumble home on the bus and leave my car in the rodeo lot... but that's Aspen Magazine's niche (R.I.P.).

But, I'm AspenSpin.

I'm a tweeter, I'm a greeter, I'm a midnight breeder.  I get my sushi on the run.

Here's the 140 character version (sorta) of the 22nd annual Jazz Aspen / Snowmass Labor Day Festival.

DAY 1 (Click for Pix)

STEVE MILLER BAND:   I love Steve Miller.  I've seen him like 40 times.  He's got a great catalogue of hits that everyone in the 50 and over demo loves.  The Joker, Space Cowboy, Livin' in the USA, Take the Money and Run...etc,etc.  He played the best of list... in his work-man like style.  Steve seemed a little confused...on his right...the VIP section was fairly empty and mostly oblivious to his musical offerings.  On his left ...the general admission section...was packed and rowdy with people staking out their spaces with blankets and lawn chairs hours before the show.  It was a good show, not a great show.  You pretty much know what you're getting with the gangster of love.

SUGARLAND:  She's a little bit country...she's a little bit pregnant.   I was not familiar with Sugarland prior to JAS.  I was aware that they had experienced some robust success on the pop and country charts.  I can see why people might like and enjoy their music...I'm just not one of them.   Plenty of tattered straw cowboy hats in the G.A. section.  Fancy "country" outfits in the VIP.  Lots of Texans and Miami types in the V.VIP and I'm not sure who was in the V.V.VIP, it's a secret.

The Steve Miller Band "talked about the pompetus of love" Click 4 pix.

 Sugarland: She's a little bit Country, she's a little bit pregnant. click 4 pix.






















  DAY 2 (click 4 pix)

SAINTS of VALORY:  I met these guys, they seem like nice young men.  Caught the last few songs.  This multi-national rock quartet has a BIG future.  A.E.G. digs 'em.

TROMBONE SHORTY:  Been there done that.   This horn infused New Orleans ensemble is awesome but they've been to Aspen like 15 times.

MUMFORD & SONS:  They are a group of talented musicians.  I can truly see why people get into Mumford & Sons., a "Brittish Folk Band".  Not a bad show in my opinion... (some people raved)...but not really my thang.

The Brittish Folk rock band Mumford & Sons made their Aspen debut. Click 4 pix.

The Saints of Valory hail from all over the world. Their set ripped in Aspen. Click 4 Pix. Trombone Shorty...always a great show. Click 4 pix.






















  Day 3 (Click 4 pix)

MICHAEL FRANTI:  "how you feelin'?"   I'm feeling good Michael.  Every time Franti utters his go-to catch phrase "how you feelin'?" you're supposed to drink a shot.  Let's just say there were a lot of drunk people in the house.  Franti has tremendous energy and he works the crowd into a feel-good frenzy...but he comes to Aspen twice a year (at least).  Fun show, but nothing new.

KID ROCK:   Kid Rock made a lot of new fans tonight in Aspen.  Being from Detroit, I've seen Bob Ritchie and his Michigan based band several times and they always impress.   Many people in the audience (especially the VIP side) had no idea what to expect from a Kid Rock show.  Well they got their faces blown off by a consummate showman who uses all the tricks in his bag.   He raps, he rocks, he sings ballads, he's country, he's metal,  he scratches, he smokes and cusses and drinks and even plays the drums.  He's the BIG Tipper with the BIG Dipper.  Kid Rock is clearly a baller.  He rides it full throttle, "with the top let back and the sunshine shinnin'" for 2 hours.   Kid Rock does it all.  If you were there, you know what I mean...if not...get there next time.

Kid Rock was ballin' (as always ) in Aspen. Clcik for pix.

 "How you feelin ?" (drink a shot). Michael Franti never disappoints.























  It was 3 days of fun and music...and nothing but fun and music. Click the pix, they tell the story.



DAY 3  / American Bad A$$


BUDDY GUY at Belly Up.

Casa Tua threw a raging late night after party during Jazz Aspen. Buddy Guy capped the weekend off with a killer set at Belly Up. Click for pix.







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