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Social Media Day, San Diego.

Downtown Rob rallied the troops for Social Media Day San Diego. Click 4 more PIX June 30 is celebrated as SOCIAL MEDIA DAY..worldwide.  Social Media Day, was started by Mashable in 2010. #SMDay is a "global event that recognizes the digital revolution happening right before our eyes".  Mashable is the ubiquitous social media blog that helps keep everyone tethered to their devices. San Diego rallied for #smdaysd.


 "America's Finest City", San Diego  officially proclaimed June 30, 2012 as Social Media Day...after a thorough background check. San Diego hosted the largest (maybe) #SMday event in the world.  A totally FREE event, with about 700 attendees (550 of which were photographers).  The celebration took place at the posh Marriot Marquis, San Diego, a gigantic, 1300 room waterfront hotel and marina.  The newly remodeled Marina Kitchen (re-done to the tune of $10.6) accommodated the enormous and boisterous crowd with ease.   The colossal sized venue with sweeping views of San Diego Harbor has recently been given a new opulent re-design with swank natural finishes. It's a good thing too... soon Comic Con will soon be at the Convention Center next door...and they gotta look good for the Super Heros.

The Offcial Proclamation. #SMdaySDSan Diego event organizers "Downtown " Rob Marlbrough (@downtownrob) of Fandom Marketing and Tyler Anderson (@tylerjanderson) of Casual Fridays put together a great event featuring swag bags, contests, give-a-ways, complimentary food and drinks and plenty of hot chicks.

Klout doesn't consider me a pundit anymore, but as a participant in social media and an unofficial commentator of #sm trends and practices, I'd say social media is "all growed up".  Yeah..I know I previously wrote that the golden age of social media is dead...and I'll stick by that.  And yeah, I have not fully embraced mobile...crazy, right?  But this is different.  This is mainstream.  Anybody with access to a computer or a smart phone and with the skills to get on FB was invited.  If you can believe the stats...that's almost everyone.  The event attracted an extremely wide assortment of types and demographic categories. One thing is clear, social media is not just for the geeks and the shut-in's anymore.  On-line and off-line have officially merged.

Think about it.  California's second largest city officially proclaimed the day...that's a lot of red tape..  Marriot...a pretty tightly run (to say the least) and publicly traded international hospitality outfit hosted...at their brand spanking new, $10 million dollar snack shack on the Harbor.  The SD organizers are both entrepreneurs in the #sm space who have left corporate jobs to pursue their dreams.  Old media (no offence) strongly supported the #smday effort.  The San Diego Union-Tribune, NBC, Fox, CBS News all featured #SMDaySD with their own content. Lots of legitimate businesses donated free-stuff for contest prizes and gift bags. AspenSpin volunteered as a greeter.   Hundreds of friendly well behaved people showed up,  most of whom had a good time networking, socializing, partying...or whatever.  It's possible...and I'm gonna say likely, that some social media enthusiasts might have even "hooked up"....OFF-LINE...in real life.

It's Casual. #smday Day in San DiegoFor the first hour...a lot of people seemed nervous.  Many guests mentioned that it was their "first-ever" #sm event.  Fashion statements were being made and murdered at the same time.  The crowd flowed in early.  Some people posed for pix at the "step and repeat",  most of 'em checked in on foursquare, almost everyone tweeted and tons of them instagramed.   Eventually people started to loosen up...once they were all checked in.  A few complimentary adult beverages were poured and imbibed with ice balls and finally the reflex texting slowed down and continuous screen checks evolved into actual face-to-face convo's.  As time moved on, people became more comfortable in a real life social situation. The algorithm had nothing to do with it.   I noticed  phones being lowered and eye-ball to eye-ball contact increased. Jokes were told, yarns were spun, cocktails were quaffed, cards were exchanged, "likes" were clicked. 

Social Media is the reality  Everybody's in. 

Happy Social Media Day. CLICK 4 PIX  #SMdaySD

Social Media thought leader Mari Smith and #smdaysd organizer Tyler Anderson and Randy Clemens from Stone Brewery brought friends. click 4 pix.


The Ladies of Marina Kitchen at the Marriott Marquis, San Diego. Click 4 pix.Old Media. The SD Union-Tribune (Originally founded 1861) reaching the younger demographic at Social Media Day. Click 4 pix. Yeah, Dudes do Social Media too. Click 4 pix.

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