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Beer Fest

Beer Fest in San Diego. Click 4 pix.Beer drinking is almost certainly the most popular activity in the world.  Whether its from a can, a bottle, in a mug expertly drawn from the tap or directly from the keg when performing an upside down moon chug...drinking beer is a good time.   In fact, the next time you pick up a 12-er remind yourself you are part of the 1/2 quadrillion (500 trillion) global beer market.   Craft beer makes up about 10% of the American beer market, thats almost 12 million barrels in 2012.

Aspen Spin had the chance to attend the CRAFT BREWERS CONFERENCE and BREWEXPO AMERICA (CBC) in San Diego on May 2-5, 2012. We did a quick fly-by of the action.  Click 4 pix.

BEER FEST (click 4 pix)

WOW! is all I can say.  Almost 5000 attendees.  "Hobbyists", home brewers, brewery owners, bottlers and suppliers converged on the Town and Country Resort on Hotel Circle in Mission Valley.  Boy...can these guys (and a few Women) drink??  The Craft Brewing industry is growing at about 10% a year.  In today's American Economy a 10% growth rate equates to a bull market. 

You could tell that there were lots of guys (and a few Women) pursuing their passion by brewing beer professionally.  The BrewExpo was a mixture of siiiiiiiick swag, plentiful beer stations and people making deals.  Over 250 exhibitors attended the trade-show with a waiting list of 150 more. Booths dedicated to malts, hops, bottling, refrigeration, taps, kegs, glassware, and even The Party Pig filled the convention floor. 

AspenSpin missed the CBC's night-time beer drinking sessions, but we heard that things got pretty crazy.  We had the opportunity to taste a lot of beers. We also got a feel for a fast-growing entrepreneurial American business.  Next time you stop at the party store...try a new craft beer, there are lots to choose from.

After you've had 4 or 5..click our pix.  BEER FEST.

Breakfast of Champions. Bacon topped Maple Bars. Click 4 pixCustom Beer Gear. Huge sellers. Click for pix.Hydro Flask from Bend, Oregon. Best insulated bottles ever. Click 4 pix.Beer babes in San Diego for the Craft Brewers Conference. Click 4 pix


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