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Best Closing Day of All Time (and I don't mean the Party)

Aspen: Closing Day = POW Day.For the entire ski season in Aspen we've been Jones-ing for the POW.  Sure we got a little taste. A foot dropped directly on the ground in early December, and we did get those 4 snowy days in a row in February....pretty siiiiick. Other than that, not much  more than a dusting in the snow department.


Today is closing day in Aspen. Most people had already hung up their sticks weeks ago.  Temps had been 60 degrees or warmer for like 40 straight days.  In what seems like a true irony, last night it nuked continuously.  12"-15" up top was the call and almost a foot in town.  Whaaaaaaaaaaaat???   Your're kidding me, right?? It was the second dryest March in Colorado history and I had already packed away all my warm gear...and my ski quiver (including my fatties) was tuned and ready for next year.  Yesterday on Aspen Mountain there were more brown spots and exposed rock beds than I had ever seen during any ski season.  There were even a couple "stop and walks" on the cat tracks. But today, on closing day....a legit POW Day???

Click 4 pix.  THE POW PIX

The Bond of the POW.When I went to bed it was full-on dumping. This morning I awoke very early in anticipation.  I broke out the Carmelo-meter (my dog) to accurately determine the snow depth and POW quality.  Turns out it was siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.  My dog and I got some serious POW time at the base.  She was freaking out with joy and eventually (after an hour) Carmelo agreed to get back on her leash.  I then geared up quickly and pulled out my new side-stashes and hit the Gondy. All the usual suspects were there.  I tried not to think about the turf that was oh so close underneath.  It was no time for an injury.  Freshies and copious face shots were claimed.  It was a fabulous way to finish off a less than awesome season.  105 days...not a bad score.

THE PARTY at Aspen Highlands...it was decent.  Not like in years past.  If you ask me..something was off a beat.  Maybe it was the early closing (originally AH was to close on April 22).  Maybe it has evolved into such a BIG event that the expectations are unobtainable.  Maybe its just the party people and many of the hard core skiers and riders skipped it?  Maybe it has jumped the shark?   Sure, everyone was drinking their faces off and had their onesies on, but it just wasn't on par with past years. 

I did what I do...I took tons of sick pix.  

Click 4 Pix:  THE PARTY PIX.

!2"-15" of Fresh snow on Closing Day in Aspen. Click 4 POW pix.

4 miles high. The bus ride to Aspen Highlands. click 4 PARTY PIX.The Aspen Highlands Closing Day Party. Has it jumped the shark? Click 4 PARTY PIX.Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle at Aspen Highlands. Click 4 PARTY PIX.


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