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Respect Your Elders in Aspen.

The Wine Party. Click 4 pix.The Aspen Wine Party has been an institution on Aspen Mountain for 51 years.  It's like the every-ready bunny of parties, it just keeps going.  A section of Ajax, near Blondies is roped off so that the 11 hosts can provide food and drinks for more than 400 of their friends.  Brats and Pasta from L'Hostaria for 400+ and plenty of booze were on the menu.

Maybe you've skied on Gene Reardon's run on Ajax.  Gene Reardon (1930-2005) was the consummate Aspen party host and the founder of many of the Aspen's most infamous parties.  The Wine Party is dedicated in his honor.  This week we had the Cheeseburger Party, The Lemon Drop Party, The Sky Lab Party, Sneak-a-Peak, The Wine Party, the After-Wine-Party and a few more that we can't remember.

Click 4 Pix:  Respect your Elders

The traveling 400 always shows up in Aspen during the first 2 weeks in March. It's the conglomeration of several cliques that have morphed into on mobile party.  They've been coming for more than 50 years from all over the country.  Most of the guys are now in their 70's and 80's.  The ladies that love them are mostly on the other side of 50. Many of the 2nd wives and partners are actually "in the will".  Some hot chicks get sprinkled in due to scholarship exemptions. These folks do some skiing, but mostly they party, and THESE GUYS KNOW HOW to PARTY.

It's both creepy and exciting to see a 75 year old dude, drinking his face off, wearing a 25 year old one-piece grinding a coug. to LMFAO all while wearing rear entry ski boots.  Hats off to these true party animals.  I'm also under the impression that a lot of senior citizen uglies were getting bumped this weekend too.  "Thank god for the little blue pill" winked one gray-haired playa. 

Click the pix  RESPECT your ELDERS 

Old dudes and young chicks...TIA This is Aspen. Click 4 pix.Ronnie is always RTP..ready to Party..click 4 pix.The After-Wine Party is where the damage gets done. Click 4 pix.Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle...click 4 pix.


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