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AspenSpin loves the movies. We live blogged the Oscars.  Random observations from the perspective of a powder hound.

The Artist. Winner for Best Picture 2012.THE ARTIST / Best Picture.  Yeah it was a pretty good film, maybe even great,  but i'm sick of all these pretentious French people acting all cool and sh*t.  Did you see the NY Times Style section today?  Do me a favor... please go back to France.

Clooney: Not so hot anymore.GEORGE CLOONEY: He's just not that hot anymore. He was perfect in The Descendants (which I loved) in which he played a middle-aged schlub.   He's to old to be hot..which makes me...pretty f#*king old...and his girlfriend...he can do better. At least she was dressed as an Oscar statue.

MERYL STREEP / Best Actress:  A class act all the way. I'm sure she deserved the little gold man. I did not see Iron Lady because I heard it was boring as sh*t, and I had already sat through J. Edgar.... so I skipped it.


Sasha Baron Cohen. Jumping the Shark.SASHA BARON COHEN:  The Dictator...you're trying to hard, bro.  It' looks like you're jumping the shark right in front of us...I hope you prove me wrong and it's a huge hit.

RYAN SEACREST:  He must be FB friends with everybody.

CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER:  At 82 the oldest Oscar winner of all time.  He'd fit right in at the Aspen Film Oscar party, the perfect demographic.

The BRIDESMAIDS:  Those girls are funny.  Some of 'em are very hot and they know how to party.  No I don't wanna get with the big one. 

Are they robots? What about hygene? 




BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE:  My man...get a f#*king haircut, or at least wash that rag more often, or use conditioner or something. ANGIE...nice dress.  I think I got a glimpse of your kitty when you strolled onstage.  Nice posing??? did someone tell you to stand like that all night?...what drugs are you on?

The funniest Oscar moment, Jim Rash mocking Angie. 




JIM RASH: Oscar winning writer for The Descendants, posing like Angie was the funniest moment of the night. His Mocking pose was the funniest Oscar moment I can ever remember.   Way funnier than Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis.

THE YEAR in FILM:  It was a good year for movies, but not great.   The Artist, The Descendants, Midnight in Paris, and The Help were my favorites...but I sat through a lot of dogs in between.  Hollywood seems to have run out of original ideas...and they think they can replace good stories with special effects. 

ELLEN DEGENERES: Who died and made her Oprah?

Hollywood has lost touch with reality.  Fame is a double edged sword, and some of the stars have obviously become deviants.  The stars are being given to much reverence for to little return. Who are you wearing?  Some of them are good looking, some are talented, some are smart and funny as h^ll, but all the pomp and circumstance, Really???   Maybe it's not a new phenomenon...but Hollywood is taking themselves a little to seriously.  And the Oscar for curing cancer goes to...

The Bridesmaids...know how to party.Meryl Streep...Winner Best Actress...and she can still rock the Ferragamo's



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Reader Comments (2)

I fell asleep early on... this post caught me right up though... probably funnier than the show!! Thanks, Andy... :)

February 27, 2012 | Unregistered Commenteralphacate@aol.com

thanks Cate.

February 27, 2012 | Registered CommenterAspen Spin

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