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Shiny puffy coats and The President's Wife.

President's Weekend in Aspen. Click 4 pix.The President's Day crowd jet-setted into Aspen with a fury.  It's as if Aspen's "1% switch" had been turned on.   It's just an observation, but President's Weekend might just be the most upscale weekend of the year in Aspen.  We're basing that on condensed nature of private school vacations.  Aspen Spin has not been past the traffic circle in a while, but we've heard the line-up of private jets at the airport is quite impressive.  There is a lot of private in town...and of course the secret service.

The people from the city show up and bring all their mishegoss with them. The shiny puffy coats on Ajax more than quadrupled over night.  Please note, shiny gear often has a negative correlation to actual skill level on the mountain (sorry Jet Set and Moncler).  The sheer amount of data being exchanged on Aspen Mountain must be incredible.  Everybody is measuring their verts, clocking their speed, clicking app's, facebooking, tweeting, going pro and live blogging every run. The real players have to whip out both an I phone and a Blackberry on the Gondola  to handle all their action. The on-mountain people-watching is a pure thrill ride of entertainment.  The mob scene at lunch is out of control.  Table saving, line cutting and who has the biggest.....checkbook are all the new black.   Lots of New Yorkers and Angelinos sprinkled in with Chicagoans and a few extras from Miami, Dallas and Houston and my homies from Detroit.  There is still a formidable International presence in Aspen from Australia, Brasil, Russia and Europe.  The First lady, Michelle Obama is in town having a "girls weekend" with her daughters.  If that ain't BIG Time ...I don't know what is.  She's facebook friends with the Crown's.

Click 4 pix.     Ajax Express    and  Spinning the Ballet

So we will continue spinning #winning and #linning in Aspen. Skiing every day (almost) and partying every night (not really) is A-Spin's way of life in Aspen.  We took a few sick pix on Ajax ( Click AJAX EXPRESS 4 pix) and we experienced some of Aspen's World Class Culture at the ASPEN SANTA FE BALLET ( click Spinning the Ballet 4 pix) and then partied at a BIG daddy mansion for Mardi Gras.  

As I write this post it's dumping heavily in Aspen.  It's supposed to snow all week according to our friends at Weather Aspen.   AspenSpin is taking the night off...with pay,  to play rec. hockey, watch Kenny Powers on HBO and get ready for a POW Day......We are #tebowing for POW.

Turns out President's Day was the best POW day of the seaz.(so far). 


Opening Night at the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet with Exec. Director Jean-Phillippe Malaty (L) and Artistic director Tom Mossbrucker (R) and others. Cllick 4 pix.Mardi Gras at The Mansion. 20,000 sq ft of fun.

Dr. Kenneth Mark crushing it on Ajax. Click the AJAX EXPRESS pix. Share 'em, like' em, copy 'em.

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