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The TWEETS of Aspen.

Best POW Day of the year 12/19/12Now that the Mayan calender has expired we can finally enter the "golden age" of Social Media.  In Aspen, #SM as it's known on twitter has officially become "de riguer" (definition).

Click 4 pix.

Tweets of Aspen.

Grannies with i-phones, teens posing for instagram photos, Noo Yawkers checking in at Buckhorn Cabin (hope you're huffing a doob, bro.) and even lifties tweeting between chairs (not really).  It's all good and it's all here in Aspen. We have a little snow..and a lot of people right now.  Paris Hilton is here, Mariah Carey is here... and they brought their own paparazzi. The 1% is here.  Last week I saw the guy from Glee and Mr. Big...it's all in a days work.  There are a lot of international tourists in town...even more than last year.   Aussies, Brazillians, lots of Russians, a few Asians...and today I saw 2 rental cars filled with people of Indian decent (not American Indians) running stop signs in the core. 

Skiing every day and partying every night is not as easy as it looks.   Andy Party is getting tired. Getting paid in t-shirts and chapstick has proven to be frustrating.  But for the "hard-core" social media types it's not about getting paid...ask the FB shareholders...it's about keeping it real.  There is a lot of bullsh*t on the net.  The white noise is deafening.  Everybody is promoting something and almost everyone is a humble -bragger (i shouldn't talk).   It's a lot to keep up with.  

So we started looking for an intern.

The AspenSpin Interns at 11,200 ft and 12 degrees.AspenSpin was the first to tweet in #Aspen...so please follow @AspenSpin. I totally skipped Four Square,by design, because, really, I don't want my exact location to be broadcast publicly (call me crazy). Pinterest...not my thang.   A-Spin does Yelp once in a while & we love FoodSpotting. A-Spin's Klout score is pretty high for a ski bum.  But the app that was made for AspenSpin is Instagram.   Sharing photos is our core competency...and we missed it.  It was a strategic mistake, because  A-Spin has yet to drink the i-phone kool-aid.  I know, I know its super cool and super intuitive and its the greatest thing since internet porn...but I see all these people walking & driving & skiing without looking at anything but their tiny screen.    For some people, it's their first reflex to pull out their phones.  People staring at the little screen.... all the time.  So I hired a few interns to help me out. To get me going on Instagram.  To qualify..they had to agree to do what i say... work for free... and pose shirt less at the top of Aspen Mountain in 12 degree temps.  You're hired, GG, Coop, Nick & Dara.  One of my newly hired 15 year old interns kept repeating "Aspen/Snowmass has 23,000 instagram followers".  He's already on my nerves.

So now, I'm getting paid in "likes" and "shares" and "re-tweets".  I think you get the idea.  I even got re-tweeted by the Aspen Ski Co. ...thaz  the same as a major pay day for AspenSpin. 

This is our 10th Christmas in Aspen.  So we have created  10 Tips for survival during  the holidays in Aspen.  It's for locals and touristas alike.  You should listen to me...I was first to tweet in Aspen.

1)  Don't DRINK & DRIVE. If you do, you're and idiot & you will get caught.

2)  Don't TEXT & DRIVE  if you do, you're an idiot.

3)  Don't stand in the middle of a ski run...to text.  Especially Spar or Little Nell

4)  When skiing Ajax...don't carry your skis on your shoulder at the Gondola.

5)  Don't solicit drugs, grope people at the bar or impersonate an officer.

6)  Don't barf on the mall or Wagner Park, or on the Bus, or anywhere for that matter...it's super-gross for everyone. 

7)  Don't hit on other guys chicks...especially if it's their wife & be careful with the Cougs, they bite.

8)  If you're a BIG shot, (or think you are a big shot)...remember that 40% of the Forbes 400 is in town.

9)   Relax...this is Aspen.  Leave your stress and big city problems at home and respect our locale.

10)  Go HUGE...cause thaz how we roll.

CLICK 4 PIX:  The Tweets of Aspen.

Aspen High School sends a human heart to Newtown, Ct. Photo: Courtesy of AHS.

The Stoke is real. We had a POW Day. Click 4 more pix.The Reindeer of Aspen. They escaped and ran around town for 2 hours...niiiice.It's a tourist town.


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